For the first time in Mississippi, a spring break tutoring program is helping students improve their chances of graduating. 

It’s spring break for many children in Central Mississippi, but some students and a few very dedicated teachers are still in the classroom. They’re studying for the Subject Area Testing Program, or the SATP.

Every student in our state must pass the US history, biology, algebra and English tests to graduate from high school. The United Way teamed up with the Jackson Hinds Library System for this first ever spring break tutoring program.

Kionna Bennet is one of the dozens of students attending the program. She wants to be a nurse, but she missed passing the biology SATP by one point. She says she won’t fail again.

“Because I want to graduate. I want to walk across the stage and get my diploma and make my momma and father proud of me,” says Bennet, a Callaway High School senior.

“It may sound cliche,” says Murrah High School history teacher and program tutor, Dr. Alfred Boyd Jr., “but these kids are our future, and if they don’t graduate, they’re starting their future out on the wrong foot.”

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