The Be Kind People Project(TM), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the nation’s educational environment by recognizing teachers and positively impacting students, has launched One Million Kids for Kindness(TM), a nationwide initiative designed to inspire at least one million students to take The Be Kind Pledge(TM) to be encouraging, supportive, positive, helpful, honest, considerate, thankful, responsible, respectful, and a friend.

In the first week of March, The Be Kind People Project will send a colorful One Million Kids for Kindness sign-up poster to 30,000 K-8 teachers who work at schools that have a partnership with Teach for America. The organization will also invite teachers from across the nation to participate by downloading a free PDF version of the poster to display in their classrooms. All of the teachers will be encouraged to invite their students to make The Be Kind Pledge and sign the poster as a reminder that kindness is a commitment that can be expressed and renewed every day. The next step is simply for teachers to email photos of the signed posters and/or of their students taking the pledge to

The Be Kind People Project will select one winning classroom to receive an assortment of surprise gifts every day in March. These prizes may include school supplies, fun stickers and removable tattoos, t-shirts, gift cards and classroom snacks. The winning teachers, students and classrooms will also be featured on The Be Kind People Project’s Website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

“Our future rests with the 77 million school-age children who are America’s citizens of tomorrow,” said Marcia Meyer, founder of The Be Kind People Project. “We’re committed to helping them experience the joy, fun and fulfillment that come with being kind to others, while celebrating teachers and their contributions to society. The One Million Kids for Kindness program provides a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate their commitment to kindness in the classroom and to show how they are actively engaged in extending good to others. It also reinforces the important messages that kindness is one of our nation’s core values and that we should acknowledge and reward acts of kindness whenever they occur.” 

About The Be Kind People Project

The Be Kind People Project(TM) is building a nationwide movement to cultivate a culture of kindness by helping students experience the joy, fun and fulfillment that comes with being kind to others while celebrating teachers and their contributions to society. The nonprofit organization has developed a comprehensive national program of classroom events, contests and Classroom Kindness Kits that teach kids it really is cool to be kind. This is a powerful lesson that can spread from one student to the next, from the classroom to the community, and ultimately, to the nation at large. To learn more about The Be Kind People Project and how to get involved, please visit us online at, on Facebook and on our YouTube channel. 

Student Pledge For Kindness