So you think that clicking good pictures is all that you need to become a popular photographer. Think again, because in today’s world, when photographers are a dime a dozen, there are things that you need to do to stand out and get noticed. There is no doubt that to be able to break even in a career as a professional photographer, your work should be extraordinary.  However, other than a portfolio of amazingly shot pictures, you should also have the ability to sell your work to a prospective client and convince him to choose you over others. Effective marketing is as important as the original work itself. Here are few things that an aspiring photographer should be doing to get the best possible returns for his efforts: 

Have your own website 

The first and foremost requirement is to have a significant online presence. While there is nothing like having your own website with a domain name that uses your name or signature, chances are that you might not be as enterprising and would like to settle for something less tedious and cheap, as a matter of fact. WordPress and Blogger are two free blog creating platforms that require minimum expertise, and are totally free of costs; the only downside being you will have to settle for a site on or domain name. Tumblr is another amazing blogging platform which allows for video embedding and is specifically built for photo blogs.  If you at all decide to buy a domain name and build a website, make sure that the domain name relates to your name or the signature that you have chosen to represent your work, instead of settling for a generalized or fancy name like bright pixels, sparkling images and others. 

Brace yourself with a good amount of technical knowledge 

If you want to be a professional, it is better that you arm yourself with comprehensive understanding of all the technical terms used in photography.  Terms such as negative, OTF, ULTRA-WIDE ANGLE LENS should ring perfect sense in your mind. If required, take professional training from one of the many good photography courses and colleges in India. But unless or until you have complete understanding of the terms, you will be categorized as an amateur.  


Flickr is the best way to make you visible in the Google search. After all it is the biggest online repository of copyrighted images. Register yourself at the site and upload the best of your works. Make sure to tag your photo with all the right words as these tags will only help Google in identifying your pictures with the search query. Flickr has been long associated with Getty, which is a stock photo agency and shops for good pictures on Flickr. Who knows, you might end up earning some cash for the time spent on the site.

Network and Share 

With so many photographers fighting for that one column in a newspaper, sometimes knowing people helps. Try to network as much as possible. Connect with the type of brands and clients you would like yourself associated with an offer to work for them for free or for a discounted rate. Chances are the client will oblige and let you have a chance at picturing something you would have loved to capture with your lens. Who knows, this might be the chance of your life!! Further, a little bit of sharing of knowledge will not harm your prospects at all. As they say, sharing knowledge increases it.  

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