Having a solid reading ability provides individuals with a strong advantage in life in order to help your child form a life-long love of reading.  In the process of building brilliant readers you must start taking steps from the moment your children are born.

5 Tips for building brilliant readers:

1) Educational Toys and Videos – There are several educational toys that have been designed with the express purpose of teaching young children how to begin reading. Even though your child may be unaware that they are learning while they play, the information will both stimulate and filter into the brain. An introduction to innovative toys early on has proven to be instrumental in blooming intelligence in young children. A baby play gym that is interactive, with contrasting color is just one plaything that builds intellect. Stacking blocks and mirrored surfaces are also excellent tools to use in developing mental aptitude. Videos that match classical music with vibrant colors and animations intrigue infants and young children in a way that sparks excitement and imagination.

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2) Read to Them Every Day – As soon as your child is born, you can begin grooming them to use their imagination by reading at least one book to aloud every day. Since babies have an affinity for the voice of their parents, especially their mother, this will continue to nurture the bonding process they are accustomed to. The imaginative aspects of children’s literature have been designed to capture your child’s attention, and if you introduce them to books at a young enough age, they will naturally continue to gravitate toward them as they get older.

3) Show Them the Pictures – Books that are made for babies and toddlers are filled with colorful images, and this can quickly stimulate their mind’s eye. Again, one of the main purposes of hearing stories and reading at a young age is to encourage a child to use their imagination. Whenever imaginary elements are brought into a learning process, it is much more likely that the child’s attention will be engaged enough to nurture their appetite for learning. 

reading and learning

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4) Let Them Hold Books – Many toddlers will start to grab for books whenever they encounter them, regardless of the fact that they have no idea how to read. This impulse shows that they are interested, and it will also get them used to the idea of flipping through the pages of a book. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep their board books on a bookshelf, table top, or basket that is low enough for them to reach.

5) Point at Words While You Read Them – You should begin pointing out printed words as you say them as soon as your child is old enough to start paying attention to the book during story time. By doing this, they will begin to recognize certain words at a very tender age. In fact, if they have a favorite book that you read to them on a regular basis, they will have the opportunity to learn several words early on.

Make sure that you encourage your child as soon as they show an interest in reading independently. It will be important to keep them engaged by giving them access to new material on a regular basis. Fortunately, your local library will have a nice selection of children’s books. As an added bonus, you can teach them an important lesson about personal responsibility by letting them have their own library card. This can provide them with a sense of ownership and pride, while building a healthy attitude towards reading and learning.

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reading and learning