Parents today face the daunting task of ensuring that their children receive the best education possible to serve as a foundation for the rest of their lives. Education is critical in far more ways than many people fully realize. Education not only provides intellectual perspective, but it is the basis upon which children will build their lives.  

Learning Resources

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It is not uncommon for parents to become frustrated, overwhelmed and confused when a child who appears to be bright is not motivated to learn. There are many underlying causes in situations where children agonize over homework, making them feel inadequate. For instance, a child with ADD or another disorder may receive lower grades and have lower standardized test scores, despite their immediate high capacity for learning in general. This is a situation where an education coach may be very beneficial.  

Many children simply do not adapt well to learning environments where individualized attention is lacking. Unfortunately, today’s school system has found itself in the throes of massive budget cuts. This has caused many schools to cut down on teaching resources, some even closing entirely. This has created a severe educational deficiency, particularly in terms of supporting children who require more attention to reach their true learning potential. 

Role of Coaches

Coaches are trained to support and encourage their clients. Like a trusted friend, coaches take the time to find out what is at the core of issues that need to be resolved. As educators we know that life coaching provides a sounding board to work on what it takes to handle specialized situations. These days are not only difficult for children, but regular education systems have increased expectations and yet decreased funding which produces more stress. Therefore, educators are unable to provide the kind of encouragement that children need in order to learn. Coaches provide this important service by listening, encouraging and empathizing with children in respectful and nonjudgmental ways.

Coaching Benefits

Coaches understand the learning process because of the extensive experience that they have had as instructors. Because they focus upon children individually, they can more easily assess underlying situations that cause disinterest in learning. The special attention they provide also gives the child an opportunity to express issues that he or she may not have been comfortable addressing before. Once the issues are revealed, a plan may be devised to address underlying circumstances to eradicate or adapt to them as much as possible. 

Essentially, one of the most important things a coach does is listen to children on a case by case bases, which helps identify solutions that pertain specifically to them. Because they are impartial, coaches are better able to logically address all of the concerns to produce the results desired.

The competition in the job market demands that all candidates have education scores at well beyond minimum levels. This is why it is that students who surpass standard benchmarks are more likely to succeed. However, many intelligent children face learning barriers that have little to do with learning itself. This is where an education coach can be very beneficial in getting past those barriers successfully.

Education Performance Coach Educator and former children’s librarian Nickey Williams knows what it takes to gain an ideal education for youth. If you are seriously ready for a major change, Noomii features life coaching professionals that will listen, ask hard questions and help clarify how to achieve your desired goals. Just describe your educational aim and they will focus the productive energy your child has, and promote accountability. 

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