California high school students recently came together with a group of elementary-school students to teach them about geometry. The project coordinator said the initiative helps make math relevant and reinforces understanding as students teach others about the subject. 

A project that started with Camarillo first-graders and high school students exchanging letters as pen pals reached a new level when the students met in person last week at Camarillo High School.

The students from Camarillo High and Camarillo Heights School gathered for the first time Wednesday to reinforce what the two age groups are learning in their respective math classes.

The collaboration connected the two schools from different districts, Oxnard Union and Pleasant Valley, and let the high school students teach what they know to the first-graders, said Terrie Romines, project coordinator and high school geometry teacher.

“For the high school students, it’s about the relevance of what they are learning,” Romines said. “If I give them the chance to connect with someone who is younger and may not know a lot about the topic they will rise to the occasion to teach them. They know the younger students depend on them.”

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