Michigan educators are debating proposals that would change math and other graduation requirements for all Michigan students. 

Allowing students to take two alternate math classes instead of Algebra II is one proposed change.  Some say this change would better meet the needs of non-college-bound students. 

Changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum – a set of high school graduation requirements designed to better prepare students for college and careers is under review.

The State Board of Education last month came out strongly in favor of maintaining the requirements, including those related to Algebra II and foreign languages. The state board’s statement came in response to proposals to change the requirements pending in the Legislature.

House Bill 4465 would allow two additional math credits to serve as an alternative to Algebra II. Agri-science and anatomy would be added as acceptable science credits. A half credit each of physical education and health education would be required, although the physical education credit could be earned through participating in school-sponsored sports programs. The bill contains several other changes. And legislation with similar themes is pending in the Senate.

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