Students in Manassas, Va., are learning about the benefits of recycling, composting and gardening.

The Go Green Initiative, sponsored by the city and schools, is teaching a whole new green lifestyle.  They are working together to save electricity and water, get more recycling bins on campus, collect used cellphones to give to military personnel, plant gardens and create compost piles to divert food scraps and other waste from the landfill into helpful soil conditioners. 

A Native American proverb says: “We don’t inherit this land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” This is the philosophy behind the Go Green Initiative; a comprehensive program teaches school children earth-friendly behaviors. The program that takes place in elementary schools throughout Manassas City, VA, represents a trend across the US to grow environmentally conscious young people.

Nine-year-old Louis Delggado learned about recycling at school, and also why recycling is important. “When you like throw stuff and not recycling it, it gives the earth more. It turns the earth dirtier.”

Go Green Initative

Louis is one of more than 7,000 elementary school students in Manassas, Virginia, taking part in the Go Green Initiative, sponsored by the city and its schools.

“All our schools recycle everything,” said Sandy Thompson, program’s coordinator. “We do single stream recycling [collecting paper, plastic and glass in one container] and in a lot of our schools we started other projects like we collect cell phones for soldiers. We collect plastic bags.”

The goal, says Mike Moon, the city’s director of public works and utilities, is raising awareness about recycling to keep Manassas clean. “That resulted in us paying for and placing in 450 recycling containers in our all school classrooms in the city. In the same location they’re learning in a classroom,” he stated. “They can also recycle.”

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