The premier list is out and is proud to announce the Top 101 Best Summer Camps 2013!

top 101 best summer camps

Each year, our staff combs the web looking for the top 101 best summer camps and places them in this guide so you have a complete guide right at your fingertips.

Top 101 Best Summer Camps 2013

This year there are more categories than ever -including adventure camps, nature camps, leadership camps, travel abroad camps and the list goes on. There is something for everyone and we encourage you to check out the list, and send it on via facebook and twitter!

This year we have added an article at the end of the list called the Five Best Tips To Choosing the Best Summer Camps 2013.

Thank you and feel free to submit your summer camp if you would like to be included next year among the Top 101 Best summer Camps.

Pat Wyman

 Pat Wyman is America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, college professor, best selling author of Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in Half the Time;  Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways To Improve Your Grades Faster, CEO and founder of Each year, she and her team reviews each and every website and are proud this year to bring you the Top 101 Best Summer Camps 2013. 

Choosing the best summer camps for your child can be a big task and at we want to make that experience easier for you by selecting what we believe is the widest variety of types and choices for the best summer camps 2013.


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