Now a day’s kids love to play with daddy’s Smartphone and they not only play with it but they can also learn a lot with so many educational apps.

learning appIn this series of apps here is a list of 10 best learning apps for kids. With these apps parent will not worry about kid’s entertainment also and they will never need to look playstation phone number again.

ABC Pocket Phonics: This educational app is a dedicated tutorial for younger kids that teach how to write letter and how it sounds. This app is available only for iOS devices till this time and it comes in paid as well as in lite versions also. Preschool and kindergarten kids are main target of this app.

Cinderella Magic Ink Books: this is a free educational app that shows a classic fairy style story book with a swipe over flip book. It’s a full page book that displays in various color and color of every page changes in a random manner with various gestures or touch. Kids love this effect.

Reading Raven: This is an engaging learning app that teaches phonic to children in a step by step method in which it teaches one lesson at a time. Its sound is clear for every letter that comes when kids touch on each letter. This app is available for iPhone and android both.

Meteor Math: This game is a mathematic challenge in which meteor explodes with arcade game feel and kids need to find two numbers while these number explode. It gets faster with game level and every level increase the excitement and challenge.

Endless alphabet: This is a very interesting and cute educational app in which you get a word and click on one letter from that word and it will give you another word that starts from that new letter. This chain goes on in an endless manner.

Duo Lingo: This is a nice and well-designed learning app that can help you to learn various languages. These languages are Portuguese, Spanish, French, germen, Italian and English. With this app ids can learn new apps easily and this app is available for both android and iOS devices.

Math Bingo: This is a simple educational app that can improve the mathematic skills of children. With this app kids can learn to add, subtract, multiply, divide and other calculation in a very easy manner and this app is available for both android and iOS devices.

Magic Piano: This musical app is great for kids of every age and kids can create variety of tunes with this magic piano app. This app has everything that teaches various rhythm and tempos to kids in a very simple manner. This app is freely available for android and iPhone devices

Star walks: this is a fantastic learning app for older kids, with this app kids can find out there location and they can know what stars they can see from there terrace or garden. Its graphics are amazing and it’s a must have app for those kids who love to watch stars.

Lola’s alphabet train: Lola is a cute panda that travels in the air by her train and on every station it learns and solves various puzzles of words and letters. It’s a very engaging learning app for children’s that is available in android and iOS both.

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