When it’s time for the semester exams we see the college atmosphere get panicky! Anxiety and stress levels among students are high. So is there really a way out? What good habits can you build to avoid last minute stress?

Whether you’re in your first year and starting off your college life looking to be an excellent student, or a senior year student looking to improve your grades and productivity – these study tips will definitely help you leave college with an ‘honors’.

study tips for college studentsStudy Tips for College Students to Boost your grades:

1.      Don’t leave everything for the last minute

Make it a habit to revise your work several times a week. You can make a timetable of the subjects you will be studying each day. Don’t plan too many things for one day. Just revising one topic along with some research work will be enough.

When you study consistently and it’s time for exams, just a bit of revision will be enough. You won’t need to stay up for hours and stress yourself.

2.      Make a story

It is always easier to remember examples than concepts and theories. Try to link the theories and concepts to a funny story line that you will remember. This will make things more meaningful and easier to remember.

3.      Lecture Notes play a part

Unlike in school at college the notes you take play a major role in ensuring your success/ When taking down notes you will need to decide what the main points are and grasp it. It is impossible to note down everything said. Make sure you note down all the key points raised and do a research later if you need to learn more on any one point. In case you miss a point DON’T hesitate to ask your lecturer.

4.      Use Diagrams and pictures

Research has proven that it is easier for the human brain to remember pictures and diagrams rather than text. Design your own diagram that depicts a theory or concept by using simple shapes. It could be used to show how things work or even to indicate how a theory interconnects.

5.      Test yourself

You can prepare your own exam paper and continuously test yourself. It would be interesting if you could get a bunch of friends who would also go through the exam along with you. This would definitely encourage positive competition.

These ‘quiz yourself exams’ can be held weekly or fortnightly to ensure that you are up-to-date. It would also show your weaknesses that would help improve your productivity.

6.      Identify yourself

Not all of us are the same. For some of us studying early morning works while with others studying at night can work wonders. Some of us prefer group studies while others need complete silence when studying.

So keep trying different techniques until you identify which one works best for you.

7.      Have a break

Have a day or 2 off in the week. RELAX and do something you enjoy, some sports that would boost your energy level would really be a great choice. It would definitely help by refreshing your mind and body.

Even while you are studying you might want to take breaks. It can just be for a walk or spend some time with friends and family etc. But make sure that they are SHORT! Say a 10mins break for every 1 hour you study. This would ensure higher productivity levels than when you study at a stretch.

8.      Take time out to plan

Planning ahead is definitely helpful in ensuring that we stay organized. You can’t just study blindly and not know how much you have done, and whether you are really achieving a target.

Don’t start your week without a proper idea of how you plan to use it. Take some time off the weekend and decide on your goals for the week. Then allocate appropriate time slots along with the right tasks to ensure that you achieve your goal by the end of the week. If you do achieve your goal then – TREAT YOURSELF!

Have you used any of these study tips for college work? What has worked for you? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

I am Ifaza Iftikar, a stay at home mum who works from home. Cooking is my passion something I really enjoy. I love experimenting new things and sharing things I learn. I have my own blogs and manage a web design firm  with my husband.

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