Parenting a truly creative child is a high duty. Whether your child is creative artistically, loves to pretend or is just really good at thinking outside the box, letting him complete a project to see how it will end is very important.  It can be difficult, but watching him discover the world through the process is priceless.

Creativity in a child gives him more than just the ability to play pretend or be artistic, it also leads a child to think and reason for himself.  Having a well-tuned imagination will give your child an advantage when he enters the adult world. When he can look at an issue from many points of view and imagine several solutions he will be an asset in any career he chooses.  Here are a few ways to help encourage creativity and abstract thinking in your child.

Encouraging Creativity In Your ChildLet your child be bored from time to time.  If children are not too busy with their extracurricular activities these days, they are usually in front of some type of screen.  There is little to no imaginary thought in TV, video games and computer games.  When your child whines to you that he is has nothing to do, tell him that you are confident he will find something interesting to do and leave it at that.  Let him come up with the activity.

Be okay with messes and mistakes.  Creativity requires trial and error.  Trial and error sometimes means messes, and at times it creates mistakes.  It can be very difficult for parents to accept that in order for their child to learn to think outside the box, he will have to first make a giant mess of that box.  There is no reason your child cannot help you clean the mess up or fix whatever might be broken, but by making mistakes your child will learn a lot.

Give your child warning when transitions are coming.  For a truly creative child who is mostly in his own world, transitions can be challenging to say the least.  You can assist your child in making these transitions by giving him several warnings when he is going to be required to participate in family events or go somewhere.  Giving him a clear schedule with plenty of “play” time can help a child that does not tend to be creative to let loose and find his creativity.

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Encouraging Creativity In Your Child