As childhood obesity continues to rise, it is increasingly important to look for ways to get your kids moving.

What happened to the days when kids were able to eat anything without gaining a pound?  The difference between then and now is that kids’ days used to be filled with outdoor play that kept kids active, allowing them to burn off the calories they consumed.  Watching TV wasn’t nearly as exciting as playing outdoors because there weren’t round the clock cartoons available and multiple TV stations to watch them.  Kids watched cartoons on Saturday morning for a couple hours and then went out to play. They spent hours running around getting exercise, without even realizing that’s what they were doing.  It was just good clean fun.  Check out these 20 blog entries that share playground games that educate, build teams and create fun to help get your kids moving again.


Get Your Kids MovingTeachers are often looking for ways to let their students burn off some extra energy while they are teaching a lesson.  Here are some educational games that can be played outdoors on the playground so that kids can learn while they play.  Read through these five blog posts for ideas.

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