It’s really important to start your day as stress free as possible. 

Get it wrong and it can set the scene for the rest of the day.  Get it right and you will be able to embrace the day ahead in a far better spirit.

A Stress Free Start To Your School DayHere are some top tips for a stress free start to your school day:

  • Laying out clothes the night before – Don’t leave it until the morning to have the usual what to wear battles.  Whether it is blue or red socks get all the negotiations done the night before.  That also applies to your own clothes – you don’t want to be in front of the mirror wondering what to wear whilst the kids run riot.  Have everything ready hanging from the wardrobe door when you wake up. By knowing what to wear if you have had a sleep deprived night you will have one less decision to make in the morning!
  • Lay out breakfast things the night before – This might seem like a small thing but setting everything out ready to go makes such a difference especially if your alarm failed to go off on time!
  • Get school bags packed with homework , PE kit, packed lunch etc by the front door – Make sure you are aware of everything your child needs for the day the night before – there is nothing worse than being told as you walk out the door that you need their PE kit which is still in the wash!
  • Set the alarm with enough time for you to shower and have a cup of coffee – leaving time for yourself is really important to be able to cope with all those eventualities and by setting your alarm before the kids wake up gives you that precious ‘me’ time.
  • Have a weekday planner in the kitchen – this is a great way of staying on top of all those after school activities.  As well as that ensure you have all money, clothes and snacks prepared the night before. Have a shelf in the hall where all these things are left so nothing gets forgotten as you go out of the door.
  • Do all homework the night before – it goes without saying if the kids are still doing their homework in the morning it isn’t going to be the easiest of starts – least of all it will be rushed and most likely be incorrect.
  • Stick to a routine with the children so they know what to expect when and set them guidelines – Whether it be washed and dressed before breakfast, brush teeth and shoes and coat on, keep to the same routine and make them aware of your expectations. 
  • No TV – perhaps a saviour in the short term whilst you clean your teeth,  but TV can just delay the exit process even longer. 
  • Make clearing the breakfast things away part of the children’s routine – ensure the children know their jobs and make the daily clear up a family affair.
  • Go to bed early – this does not just apply to the children, but you as well! If you have had a late night you are far more likely to press the snooze button too many times or wake up in a grumpy and stressed mood and unable to deal with the problems that you are faced with.
  • Put on the radio with happy music and smile – singing and music always lighten the mood and creates a great stress relief and ultimate happy start to the day.  There is nothing better than seeing little ones sing and dance and it will ensure they are in a great mood to start school as well!
  • Keep Calm! – if all else fails try and keep calm.  By raising your voice and shouting you will become more stressed and the children are far less likely to respond in the way that you would like.  

stress freeRachel Bradbury is an entrepreneur and Mum to Jack, a boisterous toddler.  She is owner of Custard & Crumble,  an online luxury and designer boutique selling nursery furniture, nursery bedding, room accessories and gifts.

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A Stress Free Start To Your School Day