Hurricane hunters recently talked with elementary school students about the importance of math and science skills.   Carl E. Newman, veteran hurricane hunter told the kids “if you’re excited about math and science, this is a terrific career to be involved in. You get to serve your country and explore things like the weather and hurricanes.” 

Atmospheric pressure and warm air trigger hurricanes, but its math and science that’s needed to fuel a young person’s mind in choosing a career path with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Students in grades third through fifth at Randall Carter Elementary School received a visit this morning from Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen and a veteran NOAA hurricane hunter CDR Carl E. Newman, chief of staff, marine and aviation operations centers, who shared 14 years of experience with the group of eager and attentive youngsters.

math and scienceHurricanes are a way of life around the northeast, opening up a whole new world to young minds, prompting Frelinghuysen to arrange programs such as this one.

“Elementary school is where you have to get the kids interested in math and science,” he said. “And every year we try to bring hurricane hunters in to schools to talk about the analysis behind the missions of flying into storms to collect data.”

Newman, during his time of chasing hurricanes, worked out of Silver Springs, Md., but is now stationed in Washington, D.C. where he is in charge of ships and aircraft.

The students viewed an array of video clips explaining the history of NOAA. The four major bodies of water NOAA works with said Newman include Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic oceans.

A video clip of particular interest that triggered a “wow” factor from the crowd involved Newman flying inside Hurricane Earl that developed from a tropical cyclone into the first hurricane to slam New England since Hurricane Bob in 1991. As he explained, flying was very unsettling until he and his crew reached the eye of the storm which is usually calm.

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