In this post, Emily Drabble suggests it is possible for students to learn multiplication without memorization.  She names a variety of resources and online activities that can help students learn their multiplication times tables.


Learn Multiplication Without MemorizationNot knowing their multiplication times tables can really slow children’s mathematical progress once they get to secondary school. Everyone knows it’s all about practice, and this can get tiresome. So how to drum these basic skills into your pupils’ heads without turning them off?

The Guardian Teacher Network has some great resources and ideas to help provide a solid multiplication times tables platform for students while at the same time helping teachers (and parents at home, where much of the practicing must be done) to keep it fresh.

One of the network’s star resource providers, math teacher Mel Muldowney, explains: “Students coming to secondary without knowing their multiplication times tables often think they can’t do what they are learning in class. They might sit in class thinking they can’t do Pythagoras’ Theorem as they are not getting the right answer when multiplying, say, seven times seven – but it’s not the new work they aren’t grasping. What is letting them down is their basic numeracy, and specifically their multiplication times tables. It is really important that teachers explore why students are struggling with new work and be really explicit that it isn’t the new topics they can’t grasp, but the basic skills they need to practice.” Thanks to Mel for sharing her Moshi Monsters-inspired times tables top trumps, which can be used by primary pupils as well as secondary to grasp multiplication times tables.

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Learn Multiplication Without Memorization