After you have earned your teaching certification, you will need to find the school district you would like to work in, take in to the consideration the following factors:

1. Support to the teaching staff – Think in terms of instructional strategies and techniques that encourage teamwork. Do they make time for seminars and training? Develop with staff and parents a clearly defined policy on discipline, grading, attendance, testing, promotions and retention.

2. Performance of the school district – This is as important for the teacher as for the student.

3. Teacher-student ratio – Are the class sizes kept to a workable number? Can you instruct a class that size effectively?

4. Salary – We all need to earn a living. Does this district pay their teaching staff adequately? Its time for your children to attend school or maybe you are not happy with the district you are in. Finding the right school or district for your child can be a stressful decision.  You only want the best for your child and their education. 

School DistrictIs the school district right for your family? Following are some other factors to consider if your children are to attend schools in the district:

  • Are you looking for a district that offers alternate school options such as charter schools? How important are the schools test results to you? Are you looking for a nurturing environment? Once you have an idea of what you want out of a district or school it will be easier to do the investigative work.

Make sure you are checking results. There are quite a few websites you can use to check on school districts and individual schools results.

  • National Center for Education Statistics has a section called the School District Demographic System where you can see reports and profiles on different districts. 
  • offers ratings and parent reviews on districts and schools. 
  • lets you look at information on school districts and local schools as well as an area as a whole.

Visit the schools – Visit a few different schools in each school district.  If they won’t let you sit in a classroom or take a full tour, sitting in the lobby for an hour or so can give you a feel for how the staff and students interact with each other.

Talk to other parents – One of the best indicators can be other parents. There may be support groups or public forms you can connect with in the area you are moving too or you may already have friends in that area. Information from parents whose kids attend a school in the district is usually some of the most open and honest feedback you will get.  If you want to look online, check a site like

Consider Property Values – Not always but most of the time the property values will reflect on a school district. The more taxes that go in to a school district the better the schools can be. The reason for this is that teachers are paid more and the district as a whole receives more funding.

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