It has been stated so many times by different experts that teaching young kids through the arts is a great way to nurture budding minds and to make them a better and productive citizens.

Creative Ways To Teach KidsNowadays, many schools are teaching subjects like Mathematics and English through the arts and are still achieving extraordinary results. These schools adopt many different approaches and as a result, they are garnering real popularity both among pupils and their parents.

Creative Ways to Teach:

Following are some of the creative approaches to teach different subjects to kids in schools.

  • Immersion Activities:

It is extremely difficult for kids to access, for instance, story books, poems and other stuff if they are not mentally engaged to them. Therefore, immersing students in different creative and fun activities before the actual class prepare them perfectly for the lesson and they feel excited about the time ahead. Things like paintings, a film project, a music composition or a sculpture allow students to express their knowledge such as a vocabulary, concepts and ideas giving their study a purpose and new dimension.

  • Clear Purpose:

There is no need of doing anything like reading and writing if you do not know why you are doing it. Therefore, you need to provide clear purpose to all the study tasks especially writing. It might be an invitation from headteacher to conduct the class assembly, an article for a school journal or an email to an author. You should tell that their writing really matters as it is open to a wide audience.

  • Focus on Strategies:

The teaching is never ever easy. As the abilities of students such as fluency in reading improves, it is very difficult to decide what reading strategies need to be adopted and when. Therefore, you need to mold specific strategies according to explicit needs of a certain class. This will provide kids with a treasure of skills to move on. These skills might range from anything like from scanning a test to making an inference or creating or predicting a mental image. You can share these strategies in the class and then access in follow up guided activities.

  • Inspirational Learning Environment:

The environment of the classroom should be inspiring for children and adults alike. You should display the children’ work creatively in addition with a myriad of learning prompts to inspire and support all students. Furthermore, your study material should be well sourced, inviting and highly organized. Let the pupils choose from an exciting and informative array of materials such as newspapers and reference books to polish their skills and abilities.

  • Concepts Taught Creatively:

No concept, for instance, grammar can be taught as a separate and standalone activity. It is because of the fact that when children start understating rules of the grammar, they apply them in their writing and start to read with writer’s mind. Therefore, you need to draw the punctuations rules and techniques from the text children are already immersed in. When kids start to explore them and use them creatively, actual learning takes place.

Contributor, Anthony Powell is a professional artist and writes on ideas like using unique art work such as how a motivational photo on canvas can teach children much faster than a text book. He works for online store offering affordable pieces of art for learning and other purposes.

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Creative Ways To Teach Kids