A pilot project in Virginia is serving a double dose of math to students.  Creative activities like algebra bingo help to keep students engaged.  

It’s the moment of truth for Tammy Mason’s last class of the day at Sandusky Middle School.

They’ve already made it through one period of seventh-grade mathematics and are in the midst of a second.

A Double Dose Of MathThere’s been probabilities, equations and inequalities — partner work, homework help, and problems on the board.

Now, before she looses them on their practice quizzes, Mason has one last algebra problem she wants to try out on her students.

“The other class wasn’t ready,” she tells them.

Mason’s students are part of a much larger trial for the Lynchburg City Schools.

In the face of new, harder state middle-school math tests last spring, school administrators decided to schedule two periods of math in a row for all students except those in advanced math.

Mason said she loves to use the time to link related concepts she otherwise would have taught separately, such as equations and inequalities.

Her students have varying opinions.

“It’s a lot better, because I think we need more time to understand,” said seventh-grader Haleigh Clugston.

Classmate Katey Gilbert had a different take.

“I think that if they did have two periods of math, they should have put another class in between … so you don’t get a big headache,” she said.

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A Double Dose Of Math