Technology has changed so much in the way we conduct our lives.  Now add school fundraising to the list!  Schoola is a new online fundraising service that schools, principals, PTAs, moms and dads can use to raise significant funds for schools and other nonprofits. 

With online deal sites becoming an ever increasing way consumers shop for goods and services, Schoola has provided their own online platform for school supporters to collaborate with great merchants in their community to create a deal everyone will love.

School FundraisingThe “aha” moment to create Schoola came when Founder and CEO, Stacey Boyd became tired of participating in the same old candy bar and gift wrap fundraisers to support her children’s school fundraisers. “I started thinking there must be a more efficient way to raise money and also get something we really want to buy.” said Boyd.

This fundraising program makes it easy by hosting and facilitating the fundraiser online, giving supporters the tools to share it with parents and the community.  Spreading the word about these deals and raising money online is up to the parents or organizations behind the fundraiser.    Effective marketing of the fundraiser can take place through the school’s mailing list, a flyer sent home with students to alert parents of the fundraising effort, as well as going viral through Facebook and other social media channels.

Once the fundraiser has ended, Schoola handles the deal purchases, fulfillment, and sending checks to merchants and schools. Schools can even partner with other schools in the community to extend the reach of the fundraiser.

From a business perspective, Schoola offers the opportunity to reach a wide segment of the community since the fundraising link goes viral and can be passed along to others outside of those affiliated with the school.   Plus, many fundraisers require a fix amount to donate but with Schoola the school can work with businesses to find a discount that works for both parties as well as appealing to those who are offered it. 

Schoola has entered the scene at a time when educational fundraisers are most needed.  It’s no secret the education system continues to fight an uphill battle financially.  Since 2008, over 80% of states have cut per student spending with some states by as much as 21%.  Larger class sizes, four-day school weeks and cuts in art, music, drama, athletics and bus transportation have been common responses.  Easy, efficient and effective fundraising is a must to raise money for schools that are continually facing one budget crisis after another.  Businesses can play a key role in helping schools while at the same time increase revenue.

Since launching in 2012, Schoola has caught on like wildfire with one in 10 schools across the country having set up fundraising pages.

 “Schoola presents a win-win-win scenario,” says Boyd.  “Parents win by saving money on the things they love.  Businesses win by receiving authentic word-of-mouth advertising that can’t be bought.  But most importantly, schools win by receiving a portion of each purchase, yielding desperately-needed funds.”

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