Kids with ADHD have difficulty with quiet observation and sustained attention.  The tips in this post will help ADHD students study science and understand it.

Tools for Teachers

adhd students>Begin each lesson with a hands-on demonstration. Many scientific concepts are difficult to read about in textbooks.Demonstrations spark students’ interest and allow them to grasp the concepts. Explaining a closed circuit by turning on a switch connected with wire to a D-cell battery and a light bulb will intrigue and enlighten him at the same time.

>Pose a question. If you are going to investigate a soaked bean seed, allow students to pose a question for this investigation. A possible question might be “What is found on the inside of a bean seed?” This simple question, when referred to throughout the investigation, helps to keep the focus of the ADHD student.

>Keep science journals for organization and recording results. Keeping journalsprovides an outlet for students’ observations. Following the steps of the scientific method for investigative lessons (Question, Hypothesis, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion) provides a structured framework for discovery to the disorganized ADHD student. Students can color-code each section of their journals to make sure that they do not miss anything, and kids who prefer not to write can sketch illustrations.

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