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computer coding

Computer Code

If there is one thing that most people see as a challenging task that has to be computer coding; this amazingly creative and simple skill is perceived to be reserved only for those who are geniuses or have a privileged mind. The reality is that coding is something that most people can do with very little effort, but this misconception comes precisely from the fact that everybody “knows” that computer programming is complicated and therefore not many people try to do it.

You can choose to believe whatever you want to, but in my experience it is better to have some real data and from there make an opinion, and in this article I want to show you not only how easy is to code but also why little kids should start doing this right now, and by right now I mean 5 minutes after reading this post.

This whole idea that coding is a very hard skill to learn is very bad for the psyche of the learning world because it gives a face to computer programming that is not accurate. This misunderstanding comes from the fact that not many people use computers to program them or to read and write code, this creates a myth bubble around what computer programming really requires and isolates the whole activity, this at the same time feeds the circle and the number of people who are afraid to learn how to read and write code.

The reality is that coding is one of the simplest and most powerful skills that you can develop and here you’ll discover how to confirm what I am saying. In order to master any discipline it is crucial to have the right tools to be able to work, you can have all the talent (you have it in fact) and the will to learn how to code in order to be the next Steve Jobs, but if your tools are not handy, appropriate, or very hard to use this can be a little problem.

If you are a parent who is looking for some fun activities for your kids this summer; you definitely want to try coding, there are literally tons of ways to do this but here I want to present you a free source of knowledge called code.org that will change the way you think about computer programming and boost your kids’ brain power at the same time.

Why is it important to learn computer programming?

Computer programming is essential for the proper functioning of our daily lives, the truth is that most of our communications are based on social networks, many businesses rely on their fans, friends, and followers to generate profit and be able to provide quality products for the society. Without computer programming the whole system as we know it could collapse. There is a huge-growing market available for those who decide to take action today and start learning how to read and write code. The opportunity right now is unbelievable and it is a known fact that there are not enough people trained to fulfill computer science engineering jobs as they are demanded, so right now it is very important to train as many people as possible in order to fulfill those jobs.

How to start coding if I am a kid

Code.org offers at least four different and entertaining ways to learn how to code, each one offers a very interactive and friendly to use coding environment. One that really delivers in term of easiness to use and flexibility to create is called Scratch, and it is a free piece of software developed by the MIT where you can get as creative as you want; it allows you to draw images, animate them, create interactive games, and more. Here I would like to give you more details about the main features that make Scratch the perfect tool for learning how to code:

  • Creative: This free software is perfect for unleashing your full potential as a creative being; it allows you to draw, paint, animate, and create as many scenarios as you want. Scratch has an easy to use section that is perfect to create your designs and then incorporate them into the code.
  • User friendly: Overall this tool is very friendly to use and inviting, the whole design of the software is aimed to kids but the reality is that anyone can use Scratch in order to learn how to read and write code.
  • Educative: One of the main things that I love about Scratch is that it is very fun and friendly to use but at the same time it teaches you the main principles of computer programming.
  • Collaborative effort: Scratch is the result of a collaborative effort, currently this software has an entire community where people all around the world share their projects and what they’ve done using it. This community allows people to share not just their achievements but also their knowledge.
  • For everyone: Scratch is designed to be very user friendly and therefore for everyone, people of all ages are using it and having fun while creating amazing designs and learning computer programming all in one shot.

Start coding today and reap the benefits of doing this tomorrow

The best advice that I have for you right now is to go to code.org and find out more about scratch and the other learning tools available there. Don’t forget to play with Karel the Dog; this super interactive tool will help you to write your first lines of code within minutes if not seconds. Computer programming is not a hard skill to develop but a muscle that requires time and dedication, if you spend an hour daily this summer having fun with your kids writing code I’m sure that you’ll be amazed by the end of the summer when seeing that your kids can process more information in a better and faster way. What do you think about computer programming now? Are you ready to start working with Scratch or any of the other free learning tools available at code.org? What would you be able to do in three months from now if you decide to start today? To your success!   About the author:

computer coding

Jose Lozano is an Engineer and a passionate writer who enjoys sharing his experience with others about computer programming, tech, toys and gadgets. This is why Jose enjoys being an engineer and have fun with these tools. Another thing that Jose loves is to write about RC flaying gadgets such as the Parrot AR Drone 2.0, these amazing toys are part as well of Jose’s daily life.

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computer coding