Teachers and students can keep track of summer reading goals and help maintain skills during the break with these four reading apps.

Reading AppsCombating learning loss over the summer for young readers is a challenge that many teachers face. The amount of time it takes to assign summer reading along with the lack of face time to keep students up to date with their reading and comprehension can make summer reading seem like a less-than-useful task.

Fortunately, devices like tablets and e-readers make taking summer reading with you an easy task. And many app-makers out there have made apps that students (and in some cases, teachers too!) with summer reading. Keep reading to see a few such apps that we’ve checked out recently.


Gobstopper is new ereading platform for schools.It is a free tool for assigning, monitoring, and leveraging summer reading in your classroom. Teachers  can use it to assign books, look at students’ progress throughout the summer, and even benchmark data on your students’ mastery of Common Core Standards before the year starts. When students are reading, they see questions and get feedback, and can also earn badges to keep them motivated. Works on all devices that have a browser and internet access

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