Students created videos, websites, PowerPoint slide shows and brochures — all to publicize their anti-bullying message. 

Like many middle school students, the seventh-graders in Dana Richards’ language arts classes have either witnessed or been victims of bullying.

Anti-Bullying MessageThe Anza Trail School students are aware of the various forms of harassment, from verbal and physical to cyberbullying, but a class project allowed them to delve deeper into the topic and educate their classmates.

The students created videos, websites, PowerPoint slide shows and brochures to reveal tips on how to deal with bullies, present statistics on those affected by bullying and conduct interviews with people who have faced harassment.

There was even an anti-bullying rap recited by a few students at the end of the presentations.

The interviews included a girl who was temporarily taken out of school because of bullying and a teacher in his 60s who still felt the impact of mistreatment he encountered in high school.

In other videos, the middle schoolers acted out scenarios, depicting how students should react when they encounter a bully.

“It’s important to us,” said seventh-grader Skylar Simmons, 13. “We really want to get the message out there and end it.”

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