Jen Lilienstein is the award-winning author of A Parent’s Playbook for Learning.

She has helped thousands of parents and teachers around the world discover how the kids in their lives are uniquely wired to learn.  Her learning profile program is used by thousands of students, teachers and parents around the world.

Jen started wrote her book because she saw firsthand with her eldest daughter how differently she learned than either Jen or her husband. Once she started keying into how her daughter’s personality type impacted the ways in which she learned best, her daughter’s attitude toward classes, teachers, and homework improved dramatically. Jen decided to pass this knowledge along to other parents and teachers and hears testimonials from members and readers daily about how these insights are not only helping their kids learn how to learn better, but improving their relationships with their kids and students, which is often a key to inspiring and engaging children in learning.

A Parent’s Playbook for Learning

The personality type based techniques in this award-winning book teach parents and teachers specific, actionable, research-backed strategies amassed from nearly 100 reference texts with respect to:    

  • How to create a learning environment that allows each of your kids to excel and develop confidence in their unique abilities.
  • How to support and encourage your kids’ educations in ways that are best for them.