They say learning is a continuous process, then why should it stop during the summer? Summer breaks are long and can get boring for children if they are not engaged in appropriate fun activities. Don’t push them to study; children resist touching books during the summer vacations. We have all been through the phase ourselves; so trace back your years and reminisce the way you used to detest studying during the summer holidays too.

VOCABULARY 180So, you’ve determined the need to plan something to make sure your children don’t end up wasting their holidays. But the question remains; what are the best summer learning tips to make learning fun?

The solution is not in any kind of books, schools or colleges. The answer lies in our very surroundings, the environment in which we live day in and day out. So stop battling your wits and check out some of the top 5 things that can make your children step out of the conventional learning systems and learn something new.

  1. Start a kitchen garden
    Gardening is a fun activity that provides continuous education. Since gardening takes time, it keeps the child engaged for a longer period and is also a fantastic reason to push the children out of the house to enjoy the summer sun. The excitement of growing your own fruits, vegetables or herbs will keep the children involved. This is not all, for it will help inculcate a sense of responsibility as they track what all is required to keep the plants healthy. Buy some garden books, check some tips online and let your child grow as a person. This will not only help your children utilize their time well, but also keep them on their toes, from morning to evening.
  2. Go on a nature trail
    Does your child like to explore the unexplored? Is he/she always reading about reptiles, birds, different types of trees in books? If you answered in a big yes, then you can be assured you have found the perfect solution to your summer vacation woes. What can be better than taking your children on nature’s tour? This is the best way to satisfy their inner curiosity.
  3. Put on a kitchen apron
    Summer is a good time for children to learn some cooking skills. They can start with some easy recipes that involve no baking or cooking on the gas stove. Cooking is a life skill that can make children independent. It helps children learn about the different ingredients and helps them evolve their taste buds. It will also improve their food eating habits as they experiment with different cuisines.
  4. Have a garage sale
    This may seem like an unconventional idea, but it teaches children a lot of things. First of all, children learn how to organize their rooms and learn how to keep the house clutter free. It teaches them that one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

    Come to think of it, what can be a better way to make them aware about the value for money? Keep the children involved in the garage sales, allow them to put price tags on the display items, and last but not the least, give their mind a free rein. Let them learn the tricks of the trade. By negotiating with the buyers, they can learn the art of negotiating and people handling, a tactful art of progressing in life. An alternate solution includes setting up a lemonade stand during the garage sale. If they haven’t had any jobs earlier, this can be a safe start.

  5. Take that long overdue family trip
    A family vacation or trip is fun for the entire family. You get to see a new place, you get to try out some fun activities as well as spend quality time with your loved ones. Some vacation spots serve as great educational places. Children may not realize it, but these trips can expose them to foreign cultures, giving them a chance to experience the different traditions as well as savor the food from different cuisines. If you can’t plan an elaborate vacation, plan a one-day trip to a nearby farm or factory.

Try some of these activities this summer and see the change in your kids. Not only will they be one notch above the rest of their peers, but they will also have a lot of tales to tell once their schools reopen.

Now all you need to figure out is what to do next year!

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