Are we at risk of creating iPad-centric classrooms?  Nikolaos Chatzopoulos, a fourth-grade teacher in Florida suggests as the iPad grows more popular, there may be a tendency to place it on a pedestal and create iPad-centric classrooms.  

In this blog post, he suggests that educators ask why to use the iPad in the classroom — rather than only how to use it. In his own school, Chatzopoulos writes that when using this approach, educators stopped searching for the perfect mobile application and began focusing on more meaningful ways to use iPads to improve teaching and learning.

Can The iPad Play A Role In The ClassroomArguably, the iPad can be a great classroom tool. However, lately there have been concerns about Apple’s tablet and its current role in the classroom. For instance, many have suggested that some of our schools are making the iPad the center of classrooms instead of remembering that students must be at the center of the classroom. Inevitably, this raises questions about the future of the iPad in the classroom.

Does the iPad foster or hinder creativity? Is it a comprehensive tool or just a mere distraction? Do we use the iPad just because it makes our classroom look cool? Are we missing the forest for the trees here?

The iPad On A Pedestal?

Some of the people who write about using iPads in the classroom, including some leading and influential people in the field of educational technology, are trying to inform educators, researchers, and stakeholders about the worrisome possibility of putting the iPad on a pedestal, so to speak, by focusing too much on logistics and creating an “iPad-centric” classroom environment.

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Can The iPad Play A Role In The Classroom