Teaching students nonfiction reading skills — from understanding an expert’s bias to learning how to be active readers — is an important component of Common Core State Standards, educator Bill Ferriter writes in this blog post.

He shares four assignments to help in teaching nonfiction reading skills and includes links to the handouts he uses to teach nonfiction writing skills to his sixth-grade science class. 

Nonfiction Reading SkillsI don’t have a ton of time to write today — I’ve spent the past week teaching and learning alongside of some really progressive thinkers in Australia — so I figured I’d share a few handouts that I’ve been using in class this year to teach nonfiction reading skills in my sixth grade science classroom.

Each lesson is tied directly to a standard in the Common Core Literacy in History, Science and Technical Subjects curriculum — and each lesson is designed to be used in tandem with a current event connected to the concepts that our students study.  If you like the lessons, all you’ll need to do is find a current event to teach them with!

Hope they help someone:

CONTINUE READING Lessons For Teaching Nonfiction Reading Skills

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Nonfiction Reading Skills