Thought to have suffered from the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, the Arts are once again taking center stage as districts begin making time for the arts in schools. Nationwide, the Arts seem to be making a resurgence thanks in part to schools using expanded learning time to focus on arts education (music, theater, dance and fine arts) says a report recently released by the National Center on Time & Learning.
VOCABULARY 180The report, funded in part by the Wallace Foundation, studied five schools that primarily serve low-income students. These schools were selected due to the priority they place on arts education; each school views the Arts as a vital element of their students’ overall education. These schools not only added classroom time for arts education, they allocated resources to support robust art education program including adding staff and purchasing supplies.

The schools profiled in the report include:
Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School in Adams, Mass.
Clarence Edwards Middle School in Boston
Metropolitan Arts and Technology Charter High School in San Francisco
Cole Arts and Sciences Academy in Denver
Roger Williams Middle School in Providence, R.I.

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