In the summertime, you’ll be looking for ways to keep kids busy, and we’re here to help. One of the best ideas you should pursue this summer is online tutoring. It can improve your children’s education skills in the comfort of your home.

With online tutoring, you’ll be keeping them occupied, while providing them with continued education, and a more structured daily schedule. Don’t worry about working around soccer and dance lessons with online education. It is more convenient and cheaper than hiring an actual tutor to make house visits. Help can be accessed whenever he or she needs it, instead, of working around a tutor’s schedule. You’ll also be keeping them safe and out of trouble.

VOCABULARY 180Online tutoring can deal with school subjects, including ones your child may have struggled with in the past school year, or ones that will be coming up next year, giving your children a head start and enabling them to begin the year on the right foot. The Department of Education conducted a study in 2009 stating, “Students who took all or part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction.”

Additionally, online tutoring over the summer also doesn’t have to last the entirety of the season. Oftentimes, an online class will run over the course of two or three weeks. So, perhaps your child will be attending a day camp throughout July, but then can take a quick online class or two to reengage them with school and studying in August.

You should also be sure to show your children that online tutoring during summer vacation can cover a wide range of subjects, including those your children may not be otherwise exposed to. They can study on any subject they want, and often times this will overlap with their hobbies and interests. So they’ll be learning more while having fun, staying busy, and not causing you any trouble all at the same time.

Many programs make the learning process more interesting with creative teaching methods to ensure engagement. The lessons are typically easier to digest using a storytelling method and keeping children up to date with the latest technology. So loose the school uniform, and involve your children with this growing method of continued education.

You could always try to make a deal with your kids to help further everyone’s cause. For instance, your child will take online tutoring for next year’s algebra to give him or her a great base to begin the year with, and then you’ll sign them up for that introduction to photography online class, or astronomy and stargazing, any of the creative arts, a foreign language, or anything else they have expressed an interested in before.

Once summertime is coming to a close, and that online tutoring is switching back to full-time school your kids will be thankful for the extra help. Children are increasingly learning online and becoming familiar with this style of training. It can provide extra support for higher-level courses that are often taught in high school and college. With technology advancing at an exponential rate touch screen tablets should allow teachers and students to make hand-written notes in real time.

This article was written by Hannah Vergara on behalf of Cookie’s Kids Department Stores providing excellent discounts on school uniforms.