While the cars of the future may be electrical or hybrids, four-wheeled vehicles are here to stay. It’s important to teach your kids some basics about car safety and care while they’re young so they can develop good habits when they’re adults. Proper tire and vehicle maintenance improves safety and saves money. Here are the top 5 simple ways to teach your kids about basic car care.

VOCABULARY 1801. Watch out in parking lots

Parking lots are a hub of traffic and stop-and-go activity. This is a great time to teach your kids to stay out of traffic. Try explaining how cars cannot see them when they walk behind other cars, and ensure they stay diligent about looking both ways before walking into the driving path. Make sure you hold their hands and teach them car safety when they are younger, so they can know what to do when they are older kids.

One great way to teach kids parking lot safety is by having the older kids teach the younger kids how to be safe in a parking lot. Have them hold hands with the younger child and direct them where to walk and how to look both ways before crossing the pedestrian area. This way both children are learning and teaching about parking lot safety simultaneously.

2. Inflate your tires regularly

Keeping proper tire pressure helps with traction, saves gas and improves road safety. Taking your kids to the gas station or air compressor is an easy way to get them started on car maintenance. Kids under 12 should just watch from a distance, but teens can get in and help fill the tires. Remember to follow the manufacturers recommended instructions for maximum PSI as listed on any reputable tire website.

3. Wash the car

The best part of maintaining a car in the summer is washing it. From scrubbing off dirt to applying the final shine, kids of all ages can help to clean and service the car. Make sure to use kid-friendly soaps, though, as younger children have a tendency to touch their eyes at all times. This simple act of cleaning up brings focus on the car, and you can explain what all of the different parts do while making it sparkle. Washing the car is a fun way to get the kids involved in chores, learning about cars, and helping maintain important property that they will one day own.

When you are washing the car, it’s a great opportunity to open up the hood of the car and introduce them to important parts like the engine, transmission, brakes, and other important parts. You can show them how to check the oil if they are old enough. You can at least get them familiar with the main parts of a car and how to be safe around them while washing the car.

4. Sing a song

Kids love to sing, and making a song about car safety and maintenance can be a great way to get your little ones thinking about cars. If they start singing a catchy tune about stopping before entering the street, they’re more likely to think twice before running after a ball in the street. Help them remember car safety and road safety with a short song or game that is easy to remember.

5. Make driving a daily learning experience

Your children are naturally curious – teach them about the car while you drive them to and from school or the store. Explain what the lights on the dashboard mean, or show them how you shift into gear. This will help prepare them for when they learn to drive. This is also a great time to teach them about road signs, traffic, and other important driving lessons.

Teaching kids about cars helps to keep them safe and gives them a mindset of care and responsibility. A car is fun and exciting – help them understand too!

This article was written by Dixie Somers. Dixie is the proud mother of three young girls. She is a freelance writer for the health, family, and home niches. If you’re looking for more information about car tires, SimpleTire has your answers.






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