Have you ever thought about using Skype in the classroom? Even though the school year is coming to an end, there are ample projects and virtual adventures available via Skype. In fact, the summer is a perfect time for teachers to brush up on their Skype skills or even learn new and exciting ways to engage students by incorporating Skype into their weekly lesson plans.

VOCABULARY 180Experts at Skype headquarters have created a new ‘Getting Started’ Guide for teachers that illustrates cutting edge methods for engaging students by using Skype in the classroom. This guide will walk you through using Skype and proven best practices for Skype in the classroom. CLICK HERE to download this helpful guide.

In addition to publishing their new guide on incorporating Skype in weekly lesson plans to engage students, Skype is ALWAYS looking for teacher feedback regarding the use of Skype in the classroom. The survey takes just 15 minutes to complete and will help the company create even better technology for classroom applications. CLICK HERE to participate in the survey

Other fun and interesting activities that allow teachers to use Skype in the classroom include “Meet An Author” and “Skype Goes Under Water.” See below for more information.

Meet an author with Skype

Still in school and looking for an unusual Skype lesson? JOIN Chris Bradford, author of the successful Young Samurai series and brand new Bodyguard series, for an adrenaline-fuelled lesson on June 27.

Skype goes under water

In October, Fabien Cousteau will be leading a record-breaking marine expedition to live underwater and explore the ocean for 31 days. Skype in the classroom is joining this fantastic adventure by offering schools the chance to take part in a month-long series of Skype lessons from the world’s leading marine experts. Get the full story to learn more about using Skype in the classroom


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