When parents become involved in their child’s education, five decades of research confirms that this involvement improves schools, academic outcomes, and graduation rates.

To help deepen parent engagement, LivingTree.com has launched a cutting-edge web and mobile-based communication platform that provides schools, teachers and parents with a private and efficient means for sharing important information, rich media, documents,  private direct messaging, shared calendars, and integrated volunteer sign-ups. Living Tree supports mobile access to all functions through intuitive iPhone and Android applications.

“We are beyond excited to see such rapid adoption of our LivingTree service by schools across the country,” said Cullen Childress, CEO & Co-Founder of LivingTree. “Over 300 administrators are committing to take collaboration and coordination between the classroom and parents to the next level and increase parent engagement.”

Some of the benefits of LivingTree include:

  • Improves communication:  School administrators, teachers and parents can conduct two-way conversations, post information/media, comment, and share documents.
  • Encourages engagement:  Provides complete transparency into the classroom through ongoing and swift updates, and photos/media enable deeper awareness and partnering in the education process.
  • Enhances coordination:  Parents’ calendars can be updated at the school or class level.  Volunteer needs and sign-up can be easily coordinated – straight from the web, iPhone, or Android applications.

 “Using the LivingTree platform, our school was able to build a much tighter community and meaningful engagement with our families. It has truly changed our level of transparency with parents and how we converse, share, and coordinate in the context of educating our children,” said Eden A. Jones, Principal at Briargrove Elementary in Houston, TX.

“LivingTree provides a private, easy to use channel to open up my classroom to the families of the children I teach,” said Shirin Farahani, teacher at Briargrove Elementary. “I can easily share the daily learnings, activities, and sign up needs, allowing the development of the kids to continue well beyond my classroom.”

Schools, teachers and organizations can sign up and find more information on www.livingtree.com/schools.

About LivingTree:

Founded in 2012, LivingTree’s mission is to simplify communication and coordination between all the people participating in the raising and development of our children. LivingTree’s secure and private online and mobile platform enables deeper parent engagement in schools, facilitating immediate and transparent communication between administrators, teachers and parents, and provides intuitive collaboration tools for parents, families and organizations. LivingTree aims to help families sync, connect, coordinate and share the most important moments of children’s lives in one, private and secure place.  For more information visit: www.livingtree.com.


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