The Saylor Foundation, a leading provider of online resources for educators, and Fishtree, a leader in personalization technology, today announced a partnership to make it significantly easier to personalize learning aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

spelling made easyWorking together, the Saylor Foundation and Fishtree are able to combine world-class open education resources (OER) with Fishtree’s
unique personalization platform to help improve student achievement. By incorporating Saylor’s work developing high quality open education
resources into the Fishtree content library, teachers and students can access personalized lessons that match every learners’ unique needs. In
addition, the partnership ensures teachers and students can align all content resources with key academic standards, like the Common Core
State Standards, while keeping instruction and assessments up to date by integrating real-time content into instruction.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the Saylor Foundation to help personalize learning,” said Terry Nealon, CEO of Fishtree. “Students
have been living in color, but learning in black and white. Working with Saylor, we are helping to change that. This relationship means we
get great resources personalized for every student — and help teachers deal with the challenge of adapting to every learner, in the easiest
way possible.”

“This partnership presents an enticing opportunity to further share our learning resources with a highly-engaged, motivated audience: the
teachers and students craving an individualized approach to distributed, online learning,” said Jen Shoop, acting Director of the Saylor Foundation. “At, we have curated and developed top-notch OER, and look forward to working with Fishtree to get these resources into the hands of teachers — just what they need, right when they need it.”

In addition to their work around the Common Core State Standards, the Saylor Foundation and Fishtree expect to work on international
educational projects as well. “Education is a global enterprise, and the Saylor Foundation efforts have huge potential for educators and learners in other countries” Nealon said. “We look forward to collaborating to solve some of the most challenging education problems around the globe.”

The partnership will also support higher education, linking Fishtree’s personalization engine to competency-based learning in higher education.

Teachers and students who wish to learn more about the Saylor Foundation or Fishtree can visit the links below.

About Fishtree – Fishtree is an innovative education technology provider focused on delivering world class implementation of personalized learning
solutions for students in K-12 and higher education. This powerful technology makes it easy for any teacher to align all resources with any standard, and personalize those resources for every learner. Fishtree believes that all students should have a chance to reach their potential by learning the way they naturally learn.

About The Saylor Foundation – The Saylor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. Our mission is to make  quality education freely available to all. To this end, we employ experienced faculty to design college-level, professional development, and Common Core-aligned K-12 courses from the wealth of material available on the Web. Today, the Foundation’s free education initiative at provides nearly 300 free online courses to anyone with an Internet connection.