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Top 101 Best Educational Websites 2013 Our staff has chosen and we reviewed thousands of back to school sites online in order to provide you with the the Top 101 Best Back to School Websites 2013. We are grateful to our educational partner, test preparation site for sponsoring this guide.

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Just as school begins, have you ever wondered where you will find top notch resources all in one place? These back to school websites include far more than the typical list of school supplies and clothing and give you a complete guide to use throughout the school year.

If your child needs academic assistance use any one of the full list of subject area websites such as algebra, reading, critical thinking, English, second languages, test preparation and more. What if you need arts and crafts materials for all the projects that need doing as the year progresses? Use the arts and crafts section.

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Social and emotional issues turn up during the year? One of the biggest back to school issues that you will want to discuss with your children is bullying. They need to know what to do if they see a bullying incident or what to do if they are the target of bullying. Our bullying expert, Dr. Kathy Seifert is a frequent media guest on such sites as CNN and her site is chock full of just the tips you need to share with your child about this difficult subject.

If you would like for your child to read faster, our speed reading expert, Abby Marks Beale’s site, has a unique site, rated best by TopTenReviews, with outstanding speed reading courses.Once again you will find every type of resource you need in this comprehensive list of the top 101 best back to school websites.

More topics include:

Best Learning Environment

Reading Help

Finish College

Computer Learning

Online Free Textbooks

How to Create a Book Online

Learning Disabilities

Math, Algebra



Science and many more sites…

Here is the full list of the Top 101 Best Back to School Websites 2013

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