As schools reopen, teachers, parents and PTA committees will work diligently to secure additional funding to pay for beneficial extra-curricular projects and events that traditional school funding doesn’t cover.  In addition to individual donations, parents and teachers often look to fundraising opportunities to span budgetary gaps. addition to traditional fundraising opportunities, gifts, wrapping paper, cookie dough, and frozen pizza, Eco-friendly Fundraising Options On The Rise, offering sustainable and socially responsible school fundraising opportunities.

Eco-friendly fundraising opportunities benefit schools and the environment. They raise capital for schools and improve our quality of life and the health of the environment.  Whether you’re selling trees, adopting wales or sending food to third world countries, a socially responsible fundraiser provides an opportunity to do good AND foster a sense of responsibility and a desire to do good in fundraiser’s participants.

One company that is doing it’s part to make Eco-friendly and socially responsible fundraisers accessible to schools worldwide is ForestNation.

The company’s tree kit fundraiser is a socially responsible option that you can start with zero upfront costs.  This program offers full support and your organization can earn 80% profit  whilst making a positive impact on our planet.

In addition to their low upfront costs, they have matching programs like You Plant One, We Plant One. Below is a brief overview of their program, visit their site for more information.

You plant one we plant oneTree-Kit-Fundraiser-500

When you sell ForestNation tree kits as your fundraiser you will be encouraging your local community to grow their own trees. For each tree kit you sell ForestNation will plant another one in a developing country. “You plant one we plant one.” Just think about that for a minute. This is a very important message that you are communicating with your local community. Growing your own tree will help you connect with nature and help us all connect with each other. Can you think of a better way to raise your funds?  

Zero upfront costs and full support

ForestNation’s fundraising campaign is easy to set up for any type of organization. They promise to help you make your fundraiser a big success because you’ll be helping them to encourage everyone to grow their own trees. You can start your fundraiser with zero upfront costs and they provide free design and marketing services like designing your fundraising forms, flyers, posters, campaign web page and even online payment processing direct to your designated PayPal account.

Your profit and impact

Let’s say your organization has 250 members that take part in your fundraiser.  If they sold just 10 tree kits each for $10 each this would be the result:

  • $20,000 profit for your organization.
  • 2,500 trees grown in your local community.
  • 2,500 trees grown in a developing country.
  • Connect and engage with your local community and raise awareness for your cause in a unique way.

Your fundraiser will have a life of it’s own

Inside each tree kit is a unique code for people to register online. The trees are automatically attached to you campaign page in ForestNation so people can continue to spread awareness for your fundraiser. You could even organise a planting event a few months later. People will remember your campaign everyday they care for their tree.

So, as you plan your school’s fundraising programs this year, don’t forget to include a socially responsible and eco-friendly option to help your school AND the planet!

indexAndrew Pothecary founded ForestNation in September 2007. He has led the conception, creation, design and development of ForestNation, and is committed to encouraging everyone to grow their own tree. Andrew attended Kings College University in London where he studied Philosophy, and his greatest piece of advice came from Professor Mark Sainsbury; “whatever it is you do in life, make sure it has a purpose.”



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