Now that a new semester is underway at the nation’s college campuses, it’s time for college students to make the most of their time. The folks at have compiled a list of 99 key online resources for college students.
From general education to continuing education, these resources will help college students work efficiently and learn their subjects fast. Because these 99 key resources for college students are all web-based, students can access them 24/7 for an individualized approach to learning. education is revolutionary in its convenience and accessibility, but it still requires a great deal of concentration, time, and the right set of tools for your learning style.

There are both paid and free forms of online education, and often they complement each other well. A series of free videos or podcasts on a topic can provide additional context that is outside the scope of a course syllabus.

Accessing these materials via laptop, tablet, or smartphone makes it easy to fill all your spare time with educational pursuits, but having a good study space at home is also important for longer periods of dedicated study that let you really absorb material.

The sites listed here offer great tools to help anyone get the most out of any online education option they choose to pursue. From OpenCourseWare suites to video lecture series and even a few shops that sell learning supplies and dorm furniture, this list has everything you need to set yourself up for success in online learning.

General Online Learning

One of the biggest benefits of online learning is that anyone can take advantage of it and create their own course catalog that fits their interests and schedule by using the wide range of free and paid courses that are offered. These sites mostly include free supplementary material and even advice on how to find and take advantage of great online educational materials.

  1. Khan Academy

    Khan Academy provides free video libraries, interactive challenges and assessments for students. Parents, coaches and teachers can also keep track of what their student is learning.

    Where to Begin: Khan Academy “Tutorials”

  2. Coursera

    Coursera offers online courses for free from top universities all over the world. A wide range or courses are offered, including biology, mathematics, business, computer science, humanities and more. Those looking to expand their knowledge, sharpen their resume, or advance their career will find the courses here to fulfill that need.

    Where to Begin: 29 New Schools, 92 New Courses, 5 Languages, 4 Continents and 2.7 Million Courserians


    Udacity was born at Stanford University when they opened a free class titled “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.” This sparked so much interest that Udacity was born and more open courseware has been introduced.

    Where to Begin: Course Catalog

  4. KnowledgeNet

    KnowledgeNet is a resource for a variety of courses centered around the field of IT and provides tools for certifications.

    Where to Begin: Courses

  5. odijoo

    Odijoo is an online tool for educators to create and sell their own online courses.

    Where to Begin: Odijoo Overview

  6. TutorPro

    TutorPro makes e-learning solutions for companies and provides a platform for developing teaching tools. Additionally, they provide consulting and development advice.

    Where to Begin: Development Tools

  7. Compass Learning

    Compass Learning handles a variety of products; things like Odessey and Impact Teacher Academy are used to enhance the entire educational experience, bettering students and teachers alike.

    Where to Begin: Solutions

  8. Getting Smart

    Getting Smart presents different avenues in education for increasing the effectiveness of methods and providing unique solutions.

    Where to Begin: edReformer

  9. is a resource that sees the evolution of education focused on open-source entities that are readily accessible for the masses. They provide an extensive variety of resources accessible online or for download.

    Where to Begin: Online Resources

  10. Study Guide Zone

    Study Guide Zone is a resource with guides for a variety of subjects with various goals in mind. They have study exams for GED, ACT, and SAT guides, among others.

    Where to Begin: Practice Questions


    TED is one of the most acclaimed educational resources, constantly releasing new ideas via TED talks, a series that brings in some of the foremost experts in a given field and lets them elaborate on whatever subject they perfer.

    Where to Begin: TED Talks

  12. Saylor

    Saylor believes in “harnessing technology to make education free.” It is a great resource for learning via the free classes in a variety of subjects on their website.

    Where to Begin: The Saylor Foundation Status

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