Technology can be a very useful tool when working toward proficient literacy. With September being National Literacy Month literacy is at the top of mind for many educators.

Some 30% of respondents to a recent poll of SmartBrief on EdTech readers reported that special literacy events or projects are underway or are being integrated into the curriculum this month in their school or district.

There are of course many approaches to meeting literacy needs in schools, including the use of tech-based tools from blogs to e-readers. When asked about the use of technology as part of literacy instruction, a majority of respondents — 64.71% — said they believe tech is an important tool for this mission, while 26.47% see it as somewhat beneficial, and 8.82% say it is not important.

Technology - a tool for literacy   Focusing in one aspect of literacy — how students are being taught to understand and use technology resources — more than 97% of respondents say digital literacy is part of the curriculum for their students. Of those, a majority say digital literacy is taught across multiple subjects while a smaller number say it is taught as part of the technology curriculum.

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Here’s a breakdown of the poll results:

September is National Literacy Month. How does your school or district plan to celebrate?

  • Events are being held — 10%
  • Projects are integrated into the curriculum — 7.5%
  • Events and projects are planned or are underway — 12.5%
  • No celebrations are planned — 70%


 How much do you feel that technology benefits the teaching of literacy in today’s schools?

  • Technology is an important tool in literacy instruction — 64.71%
  • Technology is somewhat beneficial for literacy instruction — 26.47%
  • Technology is not important for the teaching of literacy — 8.82%

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Technology - A Tool for Literacy