As the semester comes to an end and you add yet another year of college under your belt, the obvious questions remain in the minds; will I be able to have a job after graduation? Am I doing everything, which should be required to land my dream job? college days are flying by and you get closer to what they say the “real-world,” and wait for that period of life-or-death when you are about to receive a job offer, or you don’t. It is a wake-up call for the students, it s high time that you participate to shape up your future, right now.

Selecting a career path is a very important decision, which should be made in the early stages of life, which is while you are pursuing your undergraduate education. Such an important decision deserves enough time and introspection. Getting the right information at the right time and self-examination are a few Choosing Your Dream Careerthings, which can help you in choosing a career that is not only highly paying but also satisfying, so that you can enjoy working for years to come.

With the economy in a state of imbalance, the competition to get the perfect job is getting intense. Wasting no time, I invite you to consider these tips for choosing your dream career and getting your ticket to your dream job.

Follow your passion and find your perfect career

If you do not know what you want to do “when you grow up”, you are not alone, many students are in the same position. To identify your perfect career, listen to that whisper that speaks to you every day, listen to your heart! After defining the passion and the talent, make a list of careers that are directly related to that passion and research all your options.  

Choosing Your Dream CareerAsk the experts about careers that interest you

Talk to people with experience in the careers you are considering. They will advice you honestly about good and bad. These experts can be the members of your own family and friends. Another excellent resource is professional organizations and / or non-profit organizations, which are dedicated for extensive career counseling. Students can also seek advice from the social networks most popular in their country or community.

Investigate the best careers  

More than half of the population of California is expats and out of six Americans, two are non-American. This growth trend creates the need to develop a more diverse workforce and consequently there are more opportunities for the expats. When considering your career, understand everything you can offer to an organization, including being bilingual and bicultural. In addition, find out which are the most profitable careers in which country!

Visit job fairs for diverse market

There are special events with an emphasis on employment opportunities for people with diverse ethnic, social and / or cultural background. Look for them in your city and talk with representatives of several national and international companies. This way you can gain more exposure towards global market.

The internship experience may be the key to choosing your career

I am convinced that on job training is the best way to understand the pros and cons of a possible career. You will gain the experience necessary to ensure you are on the right track. Do not be afraid to ask the questions like; how fast I can grow in the profession or how much money can I make?

Now the tough part, how to get the internship? Start with this list of contacts:

  • Counselors, teachers or careers office at your university.

  • Network of friends, family, friends of friends

  • Job Fairs

  • Human resource managers within the companies that interest you

  • Job portals and websites where you want to work organizations.

Understand the economic outlook in your potential career

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money (or a lot of money) in the career you choose. Passion for your career does not preclude making money on it. Any doubt, think of Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, or even Shakira. Remember it is an important criterion but not the only one. First of all, consider the passion you feel for a perfect career.

Rashmi karanRashmi Karan is a web enthusiast and a professional content writer who keeps an eagle eye on the trends of the education sector. She writes on the latest happenings in the education industry and offers useful career advices.

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