Photo sharing trends

The explosion in smartphones, the availability of mobile broadband and the fact that social networks like Facebook has transformed how people connect have all created the perfect environment for mobile family photo journal applications to take off.’s the one device we can no longer leave our homes without? Yes – you guessed it – our mobile phones! More and more, our lives are being captured, communicated and stored on our smartphones. Sometimes it seems we literally cannot function without them.

The smartphone is the new camera

The high-resolution camera on most smartphones has killed the popularity of the traditional camera. Busy moms and dads are using their phones more and more now to capture their pregnancy, baby and family photos.

How many times have you reached for your digital camera to capture that cute photo of your baby or to record that video clip of your toddler’s tentative first steps – only to find the battery is flat or the storage is full? If you’re house if like our house, the answer is tons of times!

That’s where a new type of family app is coming to the rescue. Tweekaboo is an iPhone app for busy moms and dads that makes it super easy to capture all those cute baby photos and videos – as they happen! Because it’s available on your iPhone, it is always with you and makes it so convenient to capture and journal your family moments and baby’s milestones – on the go.

Apps like Tweekaboo are simple to use: whenever your baby says or does something cute, simply snap that photo or record that video, add a personal note and a caption, tag your child, organize it into customizable albums, save it to your journal and get on with your day. No more wishing you had a pen and paper to write that cute moment down; now you can easily save the moment so that you and your child can remember and relive the memories in years to come.

The peace of mind of cloud

Ever suffer the horror of forgetting your phone – or worse still losing it – and realizing you never saved those photos to a PC or hard drive? The ubiquity of simple cloud storage now means you can store your photos and videos safely in the cloud and keep them safe in case you ever lose your phone.

Today’s generation of mobile apps seamlessly connect with secure cloud storage services such as Amazon’s AWS to store your family photos and videos safely and privately in the cloud. Not only does this mean that your photos and videos are no longer just on your phone, it also means that you can access your baby photos on multiple devices such as your smartphone, laptop or tablet making it easier than every to relive the moment – wherever you are.

An online journal for pregnancy, for baby and for family

Apps like Tweekaboo work as a modern, mobile family journal. Mom and dad both share an account and they can update a shared journal that records the story of their child’s life, literally from getting pregnant, to the birth of their baby and all through childhood.

Tweekaboo is a popular pregnancy and baby journal. It’s a simple way to record the journey; from getting pregnant, to that first scan, to recording that growing bump, to taking photos of the newly decorated nursery, to the wonderful arrival of their baby and beyond. Keep a diary for your baby and by capturing both the every day moments and the milestones: first smile, first laugh, first roll, first time sitting up, first crawl, first solid food (and the messy face!!), first steps. The list goes on an on.

Modern families are increasingly going digital when it comes to finding solutions for capturing, recording and sharing their journey through pregnancy, through the baby years and beyond.

Bringing families closer

Families are moving further and further apart now as a result of the economic downturn. The world is becoming a smaller place and we are travelling further to work, study or retire.

Private social networks make it simple for parents to share their pregnancy and baby moments with just family or close friends. Tweekaboo is private by default. Anyone you invite can only see your shared photos and videos by signing in with a username and a secure password. This privacy puts you in control and allows you to limit the audience of people who can be part of these personal moments.

Family first

Tweekaboo puts family first. It is a quiet, private and intimate place for families to connect and get together online. The networks formed are typically in the region of 10 family members and close friends meaning that the engagement is very personal and very emotional. Tweekaboo connects multiple generations of families from newborn babies to great grandparents by using clever, easy to use technology to improve it’s users’ lives.

The new baby book

Remember how it feels to turn page after page on your parent’s family photo albums and reminisce on your own childhood? Using cloud to print technology, Tweekaboo will soon launch the new generation of baby books by combing mobile journaling, with cloud storage, private family sharing and a seamless cloud to print service. Clever technology now means you can turn your pregnancy and baby moments into a beautiful hard cover pregnancy journal or baby memory book at the tap of a button. Memory and photo books will be available in multiple sizes and styles and aims to fuse the cool new digital with the wonderful, nostalgic and textured beauty of a traditional hard copy family photo journal.

41Eugene Murphy is the Founder & CEO of Tweekaboo. A self-described lucky husband and proud dad of four, Eugene developed Tweekaboo to make it easier for him to hold onto the memories of his children’s lives, record them for his kids to relive and share them privately with family. Tweekaboo is a start-up located in Ireland and has users in over 120 countries. Tweekaboo is delivered as a website at and as an iPhone app that can be downloaded from the App Store.



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