Everybody has heard that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Skipping breakfast can lead to diabetes, heart attacks and weight gain. It’s easy to run out of time to make this important meal when we’re rushing in the morning, but making sure your children eat well each breakfast time is a good way to keep them healthy, concentrate at school, and to develop positive eating patterns for life.

5 Healthy, Tasty and Filling Breakfasts for KidsFinding something your children will enjoy eating which is also good for them can be difficult. Here are five healthy but very different options you can try out:


Making your own porridge from oats is quick yet a much healthier alternative to cereal as there are no nasty added ingredients that you can’t control, and it’s up to you whether to make it with milk or water (I recommend half and half!)

Porridge can be boring if it’s eaten plain, but there are lots of tasty toppings you can add to vary it and make it a bit more exciting. Try adding almonds, honey, dried or fresh fruit, yoghurt, or jam, depending on what your kids enjoy most.

Spinach and bacon omelette

A large amount of bacon is of course bad for your health, but a very small quantity can be added to this omelette to give it some nice flavor and appeal to kids, whilst spinach is healthy and full of iron. Simply whisk together the egg, spinach and some cooked bacon pieces, then fry.

Fruit, granola and yoghurt

Children generally prefer a sweet or chocolaty cereal to granola, but there are ways to make granola appeal to them. Try adding a little of their favourite yoghurt and some chopped fresh fruit or nuts for a well balanced breakfast. Choose your granola carefully however; while this can seem to be a healthy option sometimes there is a lot of added sugar and other unnecessary ingredients.

Smoked Mackerel on Wholemeal Toast

Not all children like fish, but the flavor of smoked mackerel isn’t overly ‘fishy’ and will keep them full and concentrating at school. Grill it for around 7 minutes before serving on toast, perhaps with a little ketchup if your kids like it.

Scrambled eggs on muffins

Scrambled eggs are often a favorite with kids, as well as being a healthy start to the day. Add flavor with lots of ground pepper, milk and a little salt rather than adding butter. Using wholemeal muffins or bagels will make it healthier than white bread. You could also consider mushrooms or tomato to go along with it.

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5 Healthy, Tasty and Filling Breakfasts for Kids