Tutoring can be exceptionally effective in raising grades and HowToLearn.com wants to thank RedWagonTutorials.com for sponsoring the annual HowToLearn.com Top 101 Best Tutoring Websites Guide.

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Best Tutoring Websites 2013
Our staff, including Stephanie, Pat, Debra and Brooke literally scoured the web for the highest and best tutoring websites to save you the hours of searching for a company yourself. Each site had to pass rigorous qualifications before it becomes part of the Top 101 Best Tutoring Websites.
Tutoring has so many benefits and is helpful for learning challenges, learning differences and also to accelerate learning or test scores. I remember when my daughter applied to medical school and took the MCAT’s one more time after a tutoring course, her score increased hundreds of points. While she had already scored high enough the first time to be accepted to medical school, the increase in points on the test the second time was remarkable and today, she achieved her dream to be a neonatologist, saving the lives of sick infants.
The best tutoring websites frequently offer in-home tutoring, online tutoring, in-office, one-one tutoring on the phone or via programs like skype. Each one fills an individual student’s needs and the student, teacher and parent should be involved in selecting the best tutoring type setting for the individual student.

When choosing the Best Tutoring Websites that are right for your child or student, be sure to ask about the following:

  • the cost
  • whether there is a contract to sign for a certain number of classes or if they are on-demand
  • what methods are used during tutoring
  • whether the student’s learning style is taken into consideration
  • how much communication and how often does this communication occur between the teacher and parent
  • whether there are regular progress reports and meetings to measure progress with the student and the parent
  • whether the tutors have back-ground checks
  • what types of certifications the tutors have
  • what subjects are taught
  • how learning differences are accommodated
  • precisely how progress is measured
  • whether objectives are written prior to beginning tutoring sessions
  • what the hours are or whether the tutoring company offers 24/7 access to tutors

Again, our thanks to RedWagonTutorials.com for sponsoring this year’s Top 101 Best Tutoring Websites 2013.

Best Tutoring Websites 2013 

Author Pat Wyman, founder of HowToLearn.com, publishes the annual list of the Top 101 Best Tutoring Websites.