Pinterest is a great resource to find fun classroom ideas for teachers and find fun classroom supplies. Both make fun interactive and creative ways to organize your classroom and make education more fun for you and your students.

Fun Classroom Ideas for Teachers Here are a number of ideas from Pinterest and the internet that are excellent resources for teachers by teachers. That way you know that these projects are safe, easy, inexpensive, already tested, and sure to make your school year much easier.

1.     Pencil Dispensers

The cafeteria is likely to have one or two extra of these available. Using the straw dispenser for pencils not only keeps them all in one place, but stops the rummaging for the “perfect” one. I would add my popular phrase, “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset” to the lettering on the new pencil dispenser to emphasize the idea and that is why this is one of the fun classroom ideas for teachers.

2.     Four Pocket Folder

Sometimes four pockets are just better than two pockets. This easy to make four pocket folder includes one folder with brads and a plain two pocket folder that you just add hole punches to.

3.     Dry Erase Marker Erasers

A bag of these pom poms can easily be found at most dollar stores. When you glue them onto the end of the dry erase markers, they work as convenient erasers. No more dry erase ink all over your hands!

4.     Use Less Disinfectant

The image is really self-explanatory with the text on it. This not only conserves hand sanitizer, but also shortens cleaning time and eliminates that extra amount of disinfectant that little hands don’t know what to do with.

5.     Where Are We Magnets are really fun classroom supplies

Keep track of where all the kids are at in this handy way you can know “at a glance” who is where. I would make some of the sections smaller so that you can add space for kids who might have therapy or specials.

6.     Ketchup Squeeze Bottle Paints

This is not only a colorful and fun way to display the paints, but also helps with “no mess” pouring of the paint. A secondary benefit is that you get to teach about reusing and recycling.

7.     Coffee House or Slurpie Containers for Painting are Fun Classroom Supplies

These types of containers reduce paint splatter and spillage greatly. A secondary benefit is that you get to teach about reusing and recycling.

8.    Binder Clips Instead of Stickers are fun classroom supplies

In many cases where you change the label each year, this will prevent you from having to scrape stickers off of cabinets and desks. It also allows you to easily and quickly change labels for semesters, months, lessons, etc.

9.     Bucket Filler Ideas

If you haven’t heard of the concept of bucket filling yet, it is a great way to encourage positive behavior for students and bucket fillers are really fun classroom supplies. They are encouraged to do nice things for others and this idea shows them that when they do nice things for others that they, in turn fill their own bucket. This activity is a great self-esteem builder and way to show children that being nice to others is rewarding. 

10.  Remind101 App

Remind101 Application: Need an easy way to communicate with parents? This free application allows you to communicate with parents via text without giving out your cell phone number or having to ask for theirs. With this app, you can send messages individually for student reminders, homework requests or specific messages; and you can also send group messages that are pre-scheduled to remind the entire classes’ parents about tests, assignment due dates, field trips, etc.

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