Can Halloween be a Fun Learning Experience even if your kids have dyslexia or ADHD?

fun learning activities for HalloweenYes, Halloween can be a wonderful time for creating a variety of learning experiences. In fact, we have several activities to share with you this week!

3 Halloween Activities for Kids with Learning Differences

This week is Halloween…And…you know your child is chomping at the bit to wear their costume to school for Halloween activities, attend the Halloween Party or go Trick or Treating…It doesn’t matter to your kids what learning challenges they have, they want to have be be a part of Halloween FUN.

So how can you take turn these activities it into learning opportunities? If your kids go trick-or-treating…have them sort their treats when they get home. They can sort them in numerous ways, even keeping track of the different sortings on a sheet of graph paper.

Some examples of the ways treats can be sorted:

  • Candy bars vs. candy pieces
  • Round vs square vs rectangular pieces of candy
  • Soft vs. hard candiesdyslexia
  • Candy with orange wrappers, red wrappers, brown wrappers, silver wrappers, etc

Improve Memory Skills for Kids With Learning Challenges or ADHD While Trick or Treating

While out Trick or Treating, have your kids observe and remember all of the different costumes others are wearing, the costumes they see most often, or what cute costumes little ones wear. For those who attend parties, they can think about the costumes the party attendees wore. This is an excellent activity for kids with dyslexia too, as it builds memory skills.

The Halloween Learning Stretch for Kids Learning Challenges

After your kids get home…have them record those observations.

dyslexiaThey can pick two of the costumes that they liked the most and use them for a quick writing experience…comparing and contrasting the different Halloween costumes:

  1. Colors
  2. Shapes
  3. Most unusual
  4. Craziest
  5. Funniest/silliest
  6. Scariest
  7. Animal
  8. Super hero
  9. Most difficult to get around in, etc.

Use the compare and contrast fill-in-the-blank form from Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills on page 29. It’s a fun tool, and easy to use also.!

Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills

Bonnie Terry

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed.

    Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is a LD Specialist. Ms. Terry helps parents identify, understand, and address the underlying causes of their child’s learning problems. Dyslexic, LD and ADHD kids advance 2-4 years in 20 minutes a day with Ms. Terry’s books, games, and guides at  Terry is an expert with fun learning activities for those with learning challenges.