For children all across the country, Halloween is one of the best times of the year. For parents, however, the holiday is a bit more complicated. What can you do to be a bit more unique this Halloween season with the candy you’re handing out? How much candy should you really allow your children to have? Are there ways to make Halloween candy healthier? What about saving money compared to the expensive bags of candy in the store?

 Halloween Candy Tips for ParentsHere, you’ll find some quick Halloween candy tips for parents to address a wide range of concerns this trick or treating season.

 Unique Halloween Treats

Nobody said you have to do more of the same old this Halloween season. And even if you don’t want to DIY any special treats on your own, you can buy a wide range of unique candies that the kids won’t be expecting. For instance, you can find candy molds in all kinds of spooky shapes, from skulls and eyeballs to graves and creatures of all varieties.

Another popular treat this year are pretzels with chocolates molds on the ends, in the shapes of mummies, ghosts, skeletons and more. Tasty, fun and different, and all pre-made so there’s no work for you, these will help you stand out from the crowd.

Go Retro and Add Education and Trivia to Candy

Everyone has their own favorite candies from their childhood, and today, there are numerous ways to buy retro candy online featuring all of those tasty treats from the past. This is a fun way to share your favorites with your kids. At the same time though, you can help sneak in some education and trivia.

Create a series of history questions by decade, and every time your child wants, let’s say, your favorite candy from the 1970s, he or she has to answer your question first. It’ll slow down their consumption and help them pace themselves, while you add in a bit of education as well.

Opting for these retro and vintage classics is also another great way to stand out from the crowd and be more unique this Halloween.

Save Money by Buying Bulk

When finances are tight, a trip to the grocery store to buy a few bags of candy can quickly become an unexpectedly large and unwanted expense. Especially right before the Halloween season, as prices are raised to capitalize on the need of consumers.

Instead of another trip to the grocery store, think about buying bulk candy alone. It’s a great way to save money while still finding the candies that your kids will love. You can buy bags by the pound, either choosing specific brands, or buying assortments of individually wrapped candy pieces, and the savings will be substantial.

Homemade Party Goody Bags

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, you can take a similar approach to save some cash and create goody bags for all of the kids. You can buy bulk individually wrapped candies, or in this case, bulk unwrapped candies to hand out.

You don’t want to pass out unwrapped candy to random trick-or-treaters who knock on your door, but for a party at your house where all of the parents and children know one another, bulk unwrapped candy can be a fun way to decorate the home in orange and brown colors, create fun goody bags, and provide some snacking treats along the way.

Of course, as a parent you’re in control in terms of the Halloween candy you allow your kids to have. Don’t be afraid to take a stance and set a limit on their consumption, or create some rules for when they’re allowed to have a treat or two, or how they can earn it. A classic chore for a reward is an easy way to accomplish a bit of both!

Miranda Imperi contributed this article on behalf of Candy Crate, a one stop shop for all of your Halloween candy needs this year.

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Halloween Candy Tips for Parents