Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

When it’s dark and cold outside, it’s so tempting to fill up on comfort foods. We all know how we seem to put on those pounds in the winter, and a lot of that is due to the changes in our diet. However, if you don’t eat plenty of fruits and vegetables during the winter, your health is going to suffer. If you want something comforting and warm, consider using winter root vegetables such as carrots and turnips to make a thick, hearty soup. Winter soups are another way to learn how to teach your child how to stay healthy and fit this winter.

Since many vegetables need to be imported in the winter, you may see the price of these go up. While this is inevitable, it means that there isn’t so much of a price difference between common fruit and vegetables and some of the more exotic ones. So, why not use wintertime to explore varieties of fruits and vegetables that you have never tried before? This can be a real incentive to keep on eating healthily.

Stay warm as you learn how to teach your child how to stay healthy and fit this summer

It’s a common myth that getting cold will give you a cold – how many times did your mother tell you to put on a hat or you would get sick? In fact, the only reason that we get a cold is because we catch a cold virus – so if you aren’t exposed, you won’t get sick. However, research has shown that getting chilled can suppress our immune system – so if you don’t stay warm and are then exposed to nasty viruses and bacteria, you are more likely to catch them.

According to the Mayo Clinic the cold can also raise your blood pressure, so if you have any sort of heart condition, you need to avoid this. In fact, many of the increase in deaths in the winter is due to heart problems brought on by the cold.

Try to wear warm, layered clothing that traps air, since this provides excellent insulation. If you live somewhere particularly cold, consider getting a heavy, down-filled winter coat. Leg warmers can also be a great idea, since these protect your exposed legs. Round that off with a nice woolly hat to keep your head warm, and a sturdy pair of winter boots, and you’ll stay toasty warm.

Get plenty of exercise as another approach to learn how to teach your child to stay healthy and fit this winter

Of course, getting plenty of exercise during the winter is as important as any other time of year. There are so many winter sports to choose from, including skiing, skating and even sledding.

However, if you’re not into winter sports, staying in shape can be a real challenge. Consider joining a gym, or buy a treadmill and exercise bike. Whatever sports or exercise you do, remember that your body is colder in the winter. Therefore, it’s particularly important to do proper warm-up exercises before you start, otherwise you risk pulling a muscle.

 Pat Wymanby Pat Wyman  

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