As the extensive growth of technology paves its way to schools and colleges, educators are in need of technology tips for in and outside of the classroom. Incorporating technology into the learning experience makes the educational journey smoother for prospective students.

Technology Tips For in And Outside of ClassroomWith the growing trend of incorporating technology in the learning process, instructors and students have started connecting with each other through various technologically polished devices like tablets, kindles, smart phones, iPads etc to lend creativity to the learning process.

Whilst these tech devices are thoroughly used as recreational and entertainment medium especially by kids and teenagers, you can make your learning experience a fun one using the same. Enjoy these educational technology tips.

Makes Learning Flexible– Portable technological devices bring the classroom and the whole book shelf in your pocket enabling you to access it at any point of time, anywhere in the world. Whilst learning and sharing has been made possible on the go it can be assumed that the rate of inclination towards technology for educational benefit will be welcomed more by the educators and learners.

Makes Learning Experience a Fun Experience– Though it is an undeniable fact that learners of young age are more prone to use technology fully for entertainment purposes like playing games, chatting, video calling, etc but interestingly these entertaining technological devices can turn monotonous education into edutainment if dealt with intelligence and creativity.

It is not necessarily important to acquire education in the same monotonous manner like attending lectures, taking notes, mug up things, etc. Make it little interesting. If you are an educator, deliver things concisely, logically and visually because visual appeals more. Educators can make an online quiz where students have to participate before moving on to the next module or next chapter. This will make the learning process much more interactive, entertaining and easy.

Spend Less, Gain More – Using technology as a tool for learning makes education more feasible. It reduces cost of transportation, cost of books and papers, additional tuition cost and many more. Most importantly, it helps to save ‘TIME’, the most precious thing in this world. Therefore, spending less money and less time you are earning more knowledge. So, isn’t it a witty way out?

Expand Your Network- Technology has brought the whole world at your reach. Now you don’t have to travel abroad to get its flavour. Similarly, to contact with industrial people you don’t need to visit him or his country, you can do it more efficiently sitting idle at home, by utilising these technological devices.  Stronger your network, stronger is your social quotient.

Till now we have seen how technology can prove to be beneficial in terms of education. However, we have not yet discussed how to use technology to get these ample benefits to make education an interesting one. Let’s check it out.

Gather Online Resources – Educators and students can access online resources by surfing relevant sites and can consume these in their device for further reference. Internet is an online library with unlimited resources which anybody having internet connection can avail.

Create a Library- Create a library in your tab/iPad/kindle/smart phone and save important, downloaded information or e-books on your device so that you can optimize it when required.

Install Right Apps- Innumerable free or paid applications are available online. Select which one you require. Choose the right one and install it into your device. Don’t get lost in the sea of applications.

Use Virtual Learning Platform- Educators can create a common online learning platform for students where educators can connect with their students anytime through technology outside classroom. The virtual learning platform will give access to online study materials, assignments, previous project samples, etc when outside the four wall classroom. In fact, many distance learning providers use virtual learning platform for their distant students to make education reach at their doorsteps. For instance, iLearn is a virtual learning platform of Resource Development International (RDI) that can be accessed in any technologically equipped devices making it more accessible to learners.

Connect through social media- Use device enabled applications for social networking other than common social networking platform like facebook, twitter, linkedin, skype etc to connect with friends and tutors or industrial people to grow your network.

With these different tech devices, apps and tools learning will be fun, easy and flexible which will break the old age monotonous pedagogical system. 

Jan FeltonJan Felton is an educationist and a regular blogger on education. He guides students and working professionals towards a successful career. He believes that if we all contribute a drop then we can make a sea if not an ocean. He recommends students to RDI who are keen to pursue distance education for better and prosperous future. He can be followed on twitter at @onlinemba4u and can be connected in social profiles like facebook, linkedin and G+. Jan hopes you are able to use these Technology Tips For in And Outside of Classroom.

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