More than 25% of families with middle school and high school children have hired a tutor to help their child according to a recent survey of 1,000 parents conducted by, an online tutoring service.     

Many families turn to tutoring when their child is having trouble keeping up in a class or his grades go down. Parents are also looking to boost their child’s confidence and get them the study skills they need for success now and in college. General Tips

Another reason parents turn to tutoring is because almost 50% feel they can’t help their child according to a survey from The National Center for Family Literacy. The curriculum is too challenging and it has been a long, long time since most parents sat in an algebra class. Traditional in-person tutoring and tutoring centers are a great option for students who have serious learning challenges or need in-depth help and support.  Your child’s teacher may be able to recommend a tutor. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$150 an hour and most tutors work with your child in your home for an hour or two each week for several months.

But what are the best options to get help when homework and studying time is all done in the evening hours after practice is over? The good news is that great tutors are now available even at 10 p.m. thanks to online tutoring. If you’d like to try online tutoring, make sure to look for the following:

  • Tutor credentials:  Make sure the site includes information about the tutors’ qualifications and training. 
  • Background checks: Reputable services use third parties to verify tutors’ credentials and conduct security reviews.
  • Access to tutors:  This is especially important for student athletes.  Is the service available 24/7 or will you need to wait a few days for a tutor to get back to you? 
  • Subject expertise:  Some services focus just on math or writing.  Make sure there are tutors for the subject you need help in.
  • Results:  The goal of tutoring for most students and parents is improved grades.  See if the service has a Better Grade Guarantee. General TipsMandy Ginsberg: Mandy is a seasoned CEO and a mom. After seven years of helping make one of the best know dating sites in the world, she was ready for a new challenge fueled by her passion for giving kids a great education. After watching her fifteen year old daughter use for help with physics and algebra ll, she wanted to learn more about the company. Several months later, she joined as CEO. While she is best known professionally for the “Real First Dates” campaign for, Mandy has also been a student and single mom while getting through Wharton Business School and raising a toddler.

Now married with two children, Mandy is experiencing the exhilaration and fear of having a teen daughter who is starting to think about college and a five-year old daughter just beginning elementary school. Mandy is helping moms navigate the day-to-day homework and longer road to college with insights from’s community of 3,000 tutors and almost 10 million tutoring sessions. 

Mandy was a competitive soccer player at the University of California at Berkeley and she has an MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. She is on the Board of

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