The world of education is changing. From the way classrooms are structured, to the way students are taught and to the new educational technologies being employed. While the government works to revolutionize educational practices, the process is slow and it can take many years for your child to benefit from the newly implemented changes. One way to expedite the benefits your child gets from emerging techniques and technologies is to take your child’s education into your own hands. One way to do this is to consider private or homeschooling for your child.

Why it is Important to Take Education Into Your Own HandsThe tides are shifting. Advances in technology, psychology, sociology, and learning are revolutionizing the way we think of education. For example, we no longer see the classroom as a one size fits all framework, but instead we recognize the importance of individualism in the classroom. Even at this basic level, educators now know that students need different types of attention for their learning process.

Another fundamental change in how we see education is the relationship between the student and teacher. In the past it has been viewed as a strictly one-way relationship. Meaning, there was limited engagement, and the content was, for the most part, communicated through a lecture style system. However, this system is inadequate. The more competent system is the engaged classroom, where the classroom facilitates two-way interactions between the teacher and the student. Meaning, students are encouraged to ask questions and discuss amongst her/her peers as well.

The second change to the education sphere is disruptive technology. I call it disruptive technology because that is exactly its effect. Technology has entered the education industry in ways like it has in other industries. In fact, many argue technology has been extremely slow in entering the education sphere. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that technology is revolutionizing the way classroom activities are conducted as well as expanding the capabilities of a classroom. For example, due to technology, the concept of “flipping the classroom” has been introduced, which means having students watch lectures at home and then spend time in the classroom to work on school work and discuss class topics. Another way technology has changed the classroom is that it has enabled students to engage with other students from across the world. This has effectively shrunk the educated world. The cultural and social implications are huge.

There is one catch. None of this change is actually happening right now. See, the government has a lot of red tape, is short on money, and thus, change is slow. However, your child cannot wait. These changes are not only “nice to haves,” but are also crucial in the success of your child’s education, professional, and personal life. That is why enrolling your student in a private school where your student can take advantage of said changes is necessary. Private schools do not have the same red tape that public schools have; instead, private schools abide by what they customers are saying. That is why private schools are better equipped to advance their classrooms and teaching methods, and that is why for the sake of your child’s future, you must enroll in a private school here in Houston.

Neal Gary is professional content writer and guest author. He loves to write articles on different topics like private school or home school and other educational topics and programs.

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Why it is Important to Take Education Into Your Own Hands