Oftentimes, we think that high school students are too young to know what they they want to do with their lives but it is never too soon to give them these 5 best steps to help your high school student choose a career path article.

Best 5 steps to Help Your High School Student Choose a Career PathGranted, they may change their minds a few times before they actually commit, but the sooner they start on their career path, the sooner they will find out what they like and what they hate. Here are a few ways to help your teen along the way.

Help them discover their interests and talents

One of the most important things to do is to find something interesting. If students are not interested in a particular career, there is a great chance that they will not strive to perform well in their studies when pursuing it.

A good way to help a student determine their interests is to ask them to make a list of things that they like to search for on the Internet. We sometimes forget that our hobbies can lead to good careers, and most likely, if we are good at something, that talent can morph into a good career.

Talk with Some Pros

Talking with someone who is experienced in a particular field can help your high school student know if that profession is something they would like to do or not.

By talking with experienced people, the students can gain an idea of the educational route to take, the area in which to reside, and even the salary expectations.

Aside from talking to real people in the industry, there is plenty of information available on the internet about what to expect in a career and how to get your dream job. As the parent, you can do this research yourself and share your findings with your student.


Students can also benefit from internships. Not only do they gain experience in their field, but they will also meet with people who can serve as references for them. Although high school students may not be able to land a paid internship, the experience that they will gain will be priceless.

If you can find an internship that interests them, it won’t seem like work, but just a fun way to spend their time and gain new skills.

Not only can internships help your student to gain references for the future, it helps them to learn about networking, and having a position within their chosen field at a young age will definitely put them above their competition.

Determine Expectations and Plan Ahead

Students should be encouraged to research potential careers. If they are planning to pursue a career in engineering and realize that they are not very good in math, then now is the time for them to improve in the area of math, or they may have to consider another career path.

If you can prepare them early for some of the unpleasant parts of a career, it will be easier for them to decide if it is something they want to do or not. If your student isn’t willing to do some of the “dirty work” that comes along with a particular job, perhaps they aren’t cut out for it.

However, if they are passionate enough about a certain career, the rough parts of a job will not be able to deter them from pursuing a career in that field.

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Visit Career Days

Many colleges and businesses offer career days for potential students and employees. This would be a good time for high school students to visit these events and get an idea of the many careers that are offered.

There is an endless supply of information at job fairs and career days, and most likely professionals available to give your student some first hand advice. If your student is a senior in high school, a career day could be extremely beneficial in helping them decide what college to go to.

If a certain college has a good program that your student is interested in, that might make a difference in their choice of school.

Motivating high school students can be difficult. However, it is important to encourage them to begin to think about their career options and take steps to accomplish their goals, without being too controlling or overbearing.

The best way to help your high schooler get on a career path is to help them discover their interests and talents, and them support them as they grow and develop these interests and talents.

Your student may not come to you for advice, but you can always give them a friendly reminder of how to get going on a good career path while they are still young.

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